Work With Me

Heal. Connect. Thrive… The heart of Ryan Therapy Services.

Consider this an invitation just for you:

I invite you to work with me. To accept that you deserve a place to heal past hurts, deepen your understanding of how your life experiences have influenced you and your relationships, connect to your erotic truth, and manifest a more authentic and fulfilling life.

In this present moment, you have all you need within you to live your best life and to love yourself and others as fully as you can.

The therapy process will help you discover, remember, and reclaim your authentic, core self. And this is a key component of cultivating vibrant, healthy, intimate relationships.

Now is the time to consider the joy and abundance that can be found if you choose the path of healing and transformation.

Now is the time to acknowledge and release past trauma and wounds. To learn how to follow your voice. To learn how to express your deepest desires. To open your heart. To listen and be open to your partner’s heart and voice.

Now is the time to strengthen your connection to your partner(s) and cultivate intimacy and trust. To heal hurts and betrayals, to forgive and let go, to rebuild and thrive.

Philosophy Guiding My Work As A Therapist:

  • Love heals and transforms.
  • You are whole and have everything you need within you to thrive.
  • Trauma and wounds are embedded in our cell memory and naturally surface during times of stress within intimate relationships.
  • Intimate relationships hold tremendous capacity to heal past trauma.
  • Each person within an intimate relationship is responsible to learn how to regulate their nervous system and emotions.
  • Each person within an intimate relationship is responsible to be accountable for their contributions to relational distress.
  • Envisioning what we want helps us to connect with and express our authentic nature.
  • Authenticity supports health and well-being.
  • Compassion and empathy cultivate trust and intimacy.
  • Differences met with curiosity and respect, nourish growth and receptivity.
  • Receptivity encourages and supports sexual intimacy, pleasure, and joy.
  • Trust thrives in contexts of openness, receptivity, curiosity, and acceptance.
  • Perfectionism and blame create isolation and powerlessness.
  • Unrealistic and mythical expectations of love and of significant others, lead to chronic disappointment and repeating patterns of conflict.

Our Services:

  • Intimate Relationship Therapy for those in monogamous and consensually non-monogamous relationships.
  • Sex Therapy
  • Aphrodite’s Sisters. Group Gatherings designed to get your questions answered and engage in meaningful conversations and discussions about all things erotic and sexual. For all those who identify as women.
  • Individual Therapy 

Learn about my therapy process.

Learn more about cultivating authentic intimacy by visiting the page for my Wild Belonging online course.