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Finding Your Way Back to the Divine Feminine and Your Own Divine Nature

Imagine creating a life that follows the rhythms of nature, the traditions of your ancestors, the wisdom of your own body, the moon’s energy.

Imagine creating a life that is deeply rooted to the divine feminine source. A source of love, light, life, guidance. A source the nourishes your own creativity and beauty. 

Imagine coming home to a place of belonging. A place that you can be fully yourself and connect to your own divine feminine spirit.

If you can imagine this, then it is time for you to consider the process of :


REWILDING is a transformative process of diving deeply into your soul and bringing you back into your feminine power and energy, healing your trauma, and creating a life connected to the source of divine feminine presence.

REWILDING is a process that enables you to create a life of your own Wild Belonging, the place the lives deep, deep, deep within your soul memory and is waiting to be re-awakened.

REWILDING is a process women are drawn to when their own experiences of weariness, alone-ness, anxiety, perfectionism, body shame, not-enough-ness, competitiveness, anger, trauma, and abandonment become burdens way too heavy to continue to bear.

REWILDING is a process women are drawn to when they no longer are content to follow patriarchal rules that keep them small, anxious, less than, silent, and invisible.

 REWILDING is a process that reconnects you to your true nature, your ancestral wisdom and roots, to the earth, and to a life that is rewarding, creative, beautiful and prosperous.

REWILDING is a process of spiritual awakening for the Goddess within every woman. 

How I Can Help:

I have experienced first hand what it is like to disconnect from my true path and my own soul. And this painful, yet enlightening process has brought me into the deep dive soul work and transformative rewilding process that is the difference that makes the difference in my own life. Making sacred space for re-wilding and for returning to my own rooted Wild Belonging is the magic that has allowed me to create a life of purpose, of creativity, of beauty, of healing, of thriving, and of connection to the Divine Feminine.

As women, when we get to a point when our lives are no longer connected to our soul and to the essential nourishment of Divine Feminine energy, it is time to find our way back to our own Wild Belonging.  The place that our soul has not forgotten. And the place that is waiting for us to remember, return, and re-wild.

This is some of my most favorite and impassioned work I offer other women.

This course and many of my other offerings are designed to help you experience a spiritual awakening that leads you to creating a life of purpose, clarity, creativity, erotic energy and passion, and true belonging.

I hope that you will join me.

If you are interested in learning more about Wild Belonging I’ll be making additional announcements on Instagram. You can follow my Instagram channel here (@ryancouplestherapy).