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I think the structure of our sessions make me feel valuable. It’s the conversation and not the “what I am hearing you say…” approach. You allow me to share what is happening in my life, how I am feeling and thinking and from there we zero in on important things and then explore what those “things” mean, where they may come from and how I can better address them.

You are not judgmental. You show compassion. You make me feel comfortable enough to share. So, from my perspective, it’s the entire you that makes me trust you.

You make it a conversation and not just a Q&A session. Not only do you listen, but you talk with/to me – sharing life experiences, validating and often challenging me to think of things in a different way.

I have gained more understanding of myself. You translate the technical terms, approach, and all those things that a highly educated therapist knows into a simple understanding and application. You bring it down to my level and help me identify and better understand the what and how.

The one thing that stands out in my mind, about what you’ve said to make me feel understood, etc., is that I need to have compassion toward myself. That hit home with me. I have never really stopped and thought that it was ok to be compassionate toward myself. That concept has really helped me and continues to help me.

Your style is relaxed, open, calm, and soothing. You point out positives but also push people to think different and grow.

You are very calming, and make me feel like everything I’m going through is manageable/normal. Also, you are very good at asking me to look at something another way.

You established a very easy, comforting atmosphere and aura. Your location and set up is terrific and I truly think that helps. It feels safe, secure, secluded enough to relax and converse.

You are very comforting, soothing, welcoming and understanding. I would imagine that you’ve experienced similar challenges in your life. You seem to truly understand the situation.

You sought to truly understand and challenged me in ways to think differently or approach things differently. To be compassionate to myself for my work and efforts.