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The Sexual Component of Eroticism

Sexuality that is deeply rooted into the erotic life force energy becomes an expression of pleasure, delight, ease, comfort, connection, joy, adventure, exploration, healing, transformation, authentic desire, and deep intimacy.

Sexuality is an essential aspect of our overall well-being. When we can access the erotic energy flowing throughout our lives, our sexual expression thrives.

When we are disconnected from the powerful energy of the erotic, which is nourished by unconditional acceptance and diversity, our sexuality can wither, shrink, and be burdened with the heaviness of dissatisfaction and disconnection.

For those who struggle with their sexuality, the solutions sought are often misguided. We often look for solutions in the same way we look for satisfaction: disconnected from our creative erotic energy, disconnected from our desire, disconnected from our internal cycles and rhythms, disconnected from our sensations, disconnected from ourselves, and disconnected from the earth’s wisdom and cosmic wonders.

Approaching sex from a disconnected mindset leads us to nothing more than emptiness and disappointment. The more we pursue “answers”, quick fixes, techniques, and logical equations for health, wholeness, and sexuality, the more disconnected we become from our sensations, from our bodies, and from our erotic truth.

Our intimate partnership with our own sexuality has suffered greatly as we have become more and more distant from its source: the erotic life force.

Sexuality and Eroticism live in the realm and flow of the Divine Feminine Spirit:

The erotic is sustained by feminine energy because that is the energy creativity, beauty and inspiration.

This energy flows throughout the mysterious, the nuanced, in soft liminal spaces of threshold energy, in non-dualistic thinking and in the space of vulnerability and trust.

We can reconnect, or connect for the very first time, to this kind of sexuality when we lean into the wisdom of this feminine energy.

This wisdom is expressed in the phases of the moon, the changing tides, the rhythms of nature, the power of the elements, the wisdom of the seasons, and the life/death/life cycle that runs through all living things.

When we allow these greater forces born of feminine energy to commune with our body, mind, heart and soul, we begin to connect to a sexuality that is fueled by the cosmic energy of life, light, and love. Instead of reaching for solutions outside of ourselves, we come back home to our true nature and our Wild Belonging.

We pause. We return. We remember. We reclaim. We re-wild our lives so that as the cosmos and the earth breathes and lives, so do we.

Today we all want “good” sex (whatever that means). Just this phrase, “good sex”, severely limits us and disconnects us from the expansive possibilities of our true erotic potential.

In order to create a life of sexual and erotic joy, we must return to the life-giving, healing energy found in the feminine flow, manifested in the world around us and waiting to be discovered within our body. This erotic, feminine creativity that nourishes our sexuality, can be found in our lived experiences, our joys and sorrows, our pain and fear, the beat of our heart, the inspiration of our dreams, and the authenticity of our soul.

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