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Sacred Sisterhood Circles

Once upon a time, women gathered. They gathered under the full moon, around the fire, near the well, at the river’s edge.

They gathered to do the laundry, share news, ask advice, help birth babies. They gathered to cook together, celebrate together, mourn together. They offered each other healing elixirs, sage wisdom, and unfailing support.

The gatherings became an intricate part of daily life, evolving into rituals that sustained their very existence. The gatherings were sacred sisterhood containers holding both the mundane and the sacred aspects of life.

Our ancestors understood the power of gathering. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers understood that life is not meant to be lived in isolation. They lived according to a sacred, ancient philosophy born of the sacred feminine spirit. One that honored the collective and functioned through a lens of equality, social justice, non-judgment, and compassion. Championing each other’s successes; soothing each other’s burdens.

Sadly, women of today’s world struggle to find community.

We feel isolated, alone, depressed, anxious. We hide the harsh realities of the things we face, out of fear that we will be judged or shunned. And as result, we live lives of secrets, shame, guilt and tremendous despair.

We have been taught to be wary of our sister. To not trust. To compete. To practice jealousy and envy when someone else succeeds. The multi-generational trauma carried in our bones as a result of toxic patriarchy has led us all to forget the ways of the Divine Feminine.

These ways of the ancient, sacred divine feminine were buried when systems of oppression feared women’s power. As a result, women were burned, imprisoned, and subjugated to being treated as “less than”, unworthy and objects.

Over time, we forgot and left behind the ways of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. We became convinced that a competitive, capitalistic, every individual for themselves mindset was the only way to live.

But now more than ever women need a sacred sisterhood. 

A place and community that holds us, just as we are. In our fear, our anxiety, and depression; and in our joy, our triumphs, and strength.

We all know that we are living in a time of great distress, uncertainty, and pain. Pandemics, violence (at home, in our communities, and in our country) threaten our sense of security daily. Because of this, we need to return, remember, reclaim the ancient ways.

We need to return home to our natural state of feminine energy which values a sacred sisterhood. We need to create communities of support, presence, and acceptance.

This is what my sacred sisterhood circles strive to do. They are gatherings for women who want to return to the ways of the Divine Feminine Spirit. The gatherings center around this sacred feminine energy, letting its power teach us how to live from a supportive, collective mindset.

If you are interested and are longing for support, community, and meaningful rituals, my sacred sisterhood circles will help you honor your daily rhythms, your emotional experiences, and your struggles and challenges in the company of other women who want to create the same for themselves.

Please message me today if you are interested in learning more about the sacred sisterhood’s ancient ritual of gathering. You can also follow me on Instagram here (@ryancouplestherapy).