Wild Belonging Online Course


Wild Belonging: How to Honor the Intimate Connection Between Sexuality, Compassion, and the Cosmos

Wild Belonging is an online course that offers readings, practices, and meditations to help you cultivate a life of authentic connection and true belonging.

This course is a journey for your mind, body and soul. As you work through all of the course content (readings, exercises, guided meditations and journal prompts), you will learn how to create a life-long practice of awakening to your true essence, cultivating your erotic energy, and your strengthening your relationship to the wisdom of the cosmos.

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What will you learn in the course?

You will learn that a life of Wild Belonging is a life of connection to:

~the erotic pulse of life humming throughout the cosmos and mother earth
~the sacredness of your body and sexuality
~the healing power of compassion

You will learn that all sexuality is sacred, meaning:

~It has the capacity to heal your body, heart, and spirit
~It strengthens your ability to create an authentic connection to yourself, others, and to life
~It is a practice steeped in body love
~It supports a deepening commitment to a practice of compassion
~It has the potential to transform pain, shame, isolation, fear, trauma into peace, radical acceptance, and a reclamation of our own divine spirits

A Wild Belonging life is:

~A practice that honors your sexual and erotic energy
~A practice of compassion
~A practice that celebrates the inter-connection of all life

A Wild Belonging life is accessible to everyone who wants to tap into the life force within their body and spirit and use this connection to experience the pulse of life and love.

It is learning to live in a way that respects and honors the cycles of Mother Earth, the cycles of the moon, the power in the cosmos.

A Wild Belonging life teaches us how to live in wisdom and harmony with all living beings, making our world a healthier, more loving place.

The course is available now and all of the materials are yours to keep forever:

1. For $222, you will receive: 
Course content describing how to cultivate a Wild Belonging life and Sacred Sexuality, practices to enrich your learning, recorded guided meditations, and journal prompts.