Sacred Sexuality Online Course


Wild Belonging: How to Honor the Intimate Connection Between Sexuality, Compassion, and the Cosmos

Wild Belonging is a nine-week course that teaches you how to cultivate a life of deep, authentic connection, meaning, and compassion.

This course is a soul journey that we will faithfully embark upon together. Each participant will learn how to awaken to their true essence, their erotic energy, and their relationship to the wisdom of the cosmos.

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What will you learn?

You will learn that Sacred Sexuality is:

A positive loving force that connects us ultimately to the Source of Love itself.

Non-dualistic in nature; meaning that while Sacred Sexuality strongly connects us to our own body, heart and spirit, it also strengthens our awareness that we are not separate, solo entities but rather we are continually influenced by and influencing all of Life in a powerfully inter-connected way.

Steeped in a practice of body love, which requires a deepening commitment to a practice of compassion.

Alchemizes, heals and transforms pain, shame, isolation, fear, trauma into peace, radical acceptance, and a reclamation of our own divine spirits.

The First Step: Defining Sacred Sexuality

What is Sacred Sexuality? 

It is a life-long practice that puts our sexual and erotic energy in the center of our lives in a transformative, nourishing and uplifting way.

It is not about performance, technique, or about becoming “sexual masters or gurus”. It is about learning to create a sexual energy that matches your true essence and becomes an authentic expression of your body, heart and spirit.

It is accessible to everyone who wants to tap into the life force within our bodies and spirits and use this connection to experience the pulse of life and love.

It is learning to live in a way that respects and honors the cycles of Mother Earth, the cycles of the moon, the power in the cosmos.

Sacred Sexuality teaches us how to live in wisdom and harmony with all living beings, making our world a healthier, more loving place.

The course will include: 

Recorded Guided Meditations
Journal Prompts
Special Bonus gifts
A monthly live phone call with Jane Ryan