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Wild Belonging: Rewilding for Women

Wild Belonging is a life-long practice that honors the divine feminine energy within everyone. It is a practice of opening up to this energy that resides deep within the cosmos. It is a practice of connecting to this sacred feminine energy as it flows from the stars, the moon, and throughout all of nature, guiding our lives.

It is a homecoming to all that nurtures our soul’s deepest desires.

It is learning how to integrate vital, sacred self-care practices into our way of moving through the world.

It is strengthened when humans gather to honor each member’s true essence and provides space to heal from our deepest wounds.

Wild Belonging is a recursive, circular practice of spiritual awakening that brings us again and again into the essence of our true belonging.

Wild Belonging is all about receiving, returning to, and remembering the ancient, organic, powerful flow of the divine feminine energy. It is a process of rewilding, bringing us into alignment with the sacred feminine.

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Devine Feminine Energy – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma Gig Harbor

How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Energy Within

Divine feminine energy flows through all of life. It is expressed through nature’s cycles and the earth’s rhythms. But often we live lives disconnected from this life energy.

How can we cultivate lives inspired by the sacred feminine when so much of our lives call us to live disconnected from the divine feminine presence?  

As women,  learning how to return again and again to this divine feminine energy, opens us to our deepest longings. It allows us to heed the call of our soul, the call that brings us back to the things that truly matter and leads us into alignment with the sacred feminine.

My life-long journey has been a process of returning again and again to the divine feminine energy as the guiding force for my life.

As a therapist who specializes in intimate relationships, I understand that the most important relationship we can ever have is with ourselves. This is why I am passionate about helping women create sacred self-care practices that nourish lives guided by divine goddess energy and the sacred feminine.

The divine feminine spirit calls us into a life of pure, life-sustaining connection to all that is sacred.

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Sacred Sexuality – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma and Gig Harbor

Understanding Eroticism

Eroticism is a life-long practice of awakening to and honoring the life force of creativity, sensuality, inspiration, and sexuality.

It is a practice of learning how to cultivate our body’s wisdom and cycles of desire by connecting to this life force in a mindful way. This allows us to enrich not only our sexual experiences but all other creative experiences as well.

The aspect of eroticism that focuses on sexual expression moves us beyond a performance-based, shame-based, goal-oriented sexuality.

It moves us beyond the myths and false perceptions of sex and moves us into creating a sexual practice that flows from our most authentic desires and longings.

It requires us to listen deeply to our own desire, to heal our wounds resulting from judgment, shame, and trauma, and to unconditionally love ourselves.

It allows us to create mindful sexual experiences with ourselves and/or partners that tap into the powerful healing energy of sex.

It allows us to expand our ideas and approaches to sexuality to include eroticism as a creative resource that nourishes not only our sexuality but also every aspect of our lives.

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Spiritual Awakening Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma Gig Harbor

Spiritual Awakening

What does an earth-based spiritual practice really mean?

It is a practice of honoring the earth by tapping into the infinite wisdom found in nature. It is a practice of allowing the cycles of the seasons to inspire us, guide us, and inform us in creating a life of meaning, of purpose, and of deep connection to the sacred energy of life.

It is a way of living that honors the moon’s energy, the seasons’ gifts, the flow of our days and nights on this earth.

It is a practice that allows us to create rituals and traditions that bring healing, connection, and meaning to ourselves, to our relationships and families, to our work in the world, and to the collective consciousness.

It is a practice of walking on this earth with the deepest respect.

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Meditation Packages

Here you will find a series of guided meditations I created to support all of my other offerings.

I encourage you to try out several of the meditations and use the ones that speak most to your soul and desires.

Guided Meditations can deepen our mindful presence and bring to light the things we need to heal, release or strengthen.

Blessings as you partake in this guided meditation journey.

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