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Puyallup is located in Pierce County.

Puyallup is named for the indigenous tribe that first occupied the area, the Puyallup Tribe. Its name means, “people from the bend at the bottom of the river.”

Go here to learn more about Puyallup Tribal history

Ryan Therapy Services highly values the the rich indigenous history of the entire state of Washington.

We value the healing power found in local communities, Mother Earth, and the entire cosmos.

We deeply respect the indigenous people, their traditions, history and their experiences.

Who Am I as a Therapist practicing right next door in Puyallup?

Puyallup is where my husband grew up and because of this, the community holds a lot of meaningful, personal history, roots, and cherished memories.

I love the rural farm-land that stills marks “old” Puyallup.

I am grateful that Puyallup remains for me and my husband a community of friends, family history and beauty to this day.

This is how I hope to contribute to the community of Puyallup as a psychotherapist:

  • A place for clients to create sexual, relational, emotional & psychological health and wellbeing.
  • A safe place to explore questions and challenges around sexuality.
  • A safe place to navigate the complexity of intimate relationships.
  • A place to embrace a sex positive mindset.
  • A place for clients to explore their erotic and sexual truths without apology. This includes allhumans: straight and LGBTQIA2S+, monogamous, traditional couples, consensually nonmonogamous,and polyamorous relationships.
  • A place for clients to embrace their authenticity.

Who I Am Professionally:

My Credentials:

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.
Certified Sex Therapists are psychotherapists who, specialize in sex therapy. Their expertise lies in the ability to integrate therapeutic interventions for sexual challenges while understanding the complex contexts that influence sexuality. You can learn more at the American Association of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

I am a LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) in the state of Washington. This gives me the ability to see anyone who lives in the state of Washington. Tele-therapy helps meet to reach clients all over the state.

I received my M.A from Pacific Lutheran University Marriage and Family Therapy program in 1998. I have been practicing therapy ever since. 

I specialize in erotic liberation, healing from purity culture and all aspects of sexual, physical and emotional intimacy.

I consider myself a soul-centered psychotherapist who is like a “Wilderness Guide for the Soul”.

I honor and work with clients of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, gender identities, and relationship structures.

I offer the following:

I am now proudly serving clients in the entire state of Washington.

Places to Explore in the Puyallup, WA community:

Bremerton offers easy access to Seattle via the Washington State Ferry system. Because of its close proximity to Seattle’s many resources, it is an ideal city to live, work or explore.

Home of the Washington State Fair.
The Washington State Fair is the largest fair in the state and in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the biggest in the world. The 20-day fair starts the Friday of Labor Day (closed Tuesdays), and welcomes more than a million guests who enjoy top-name entertainment, animals and agriculture, feature exhibits, booths, the arts, food and rides. The Fair started in 1900, and offers the tradition of the past, while celebrating the future.

Downtown Puyallup Outdoor Art Gallery
Arts Downtown, Puyallup’s Outdoor Art Gallery, began in 1995 with a dream to bring quality art to Puyallup, and today has more than 50 artworks on public display.

Puyallup Farmer’s Market
Open every Saturday from April to October.

Puyallup Public Library

Puyallup Public Library by Joe Mabel is licensed under CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Puyallup Public Library
“Heart of the community - welcomes all to gather, learn, create and be inspired.”

Picha’s Berry Farm
Farming the rich, volcanic soil of the beautiful Puyallup Valley, the Picha Family has earned an excellent reputation throughout the South Sound for providing high quality produce at a great price.

Check out the following Puyallup establishments: 

Cockrell Hard Ciders
Hand crafted Hard Apple Cider from our farm to your table.

Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery
“We make really, really good food and beer and we’re passionate about what we do. We’re independent, we answer to no corporate overlord, and we make and serve the things we like, when we like. We’re fun, friendly, vibrant, boisterous, and though we reside in an amazing historic power station, we’re right on the cutting edge. Come down and see what we’re about. Trust us, you’ll like what we do here.”


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My services can help you in many ways whether you need to find and connect with your authentic self or whether you are seeking deeper connection with your significant other. I help individuals and couples master the art of envisioning the relationship they truly desire and help them transform into the person they most want to be.

My services can help men and women alike heal from infidelity, sexual trauma, and any other wounds that are standing in the way of true intimacy.

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What Clients Have to Say

I think the structure of our sessions make me feel valuable. It's the conversation
and not the "what I am hearing you say..." approach. You allow me to share what is
happening in my life, how I am feeling and thinking and from there we zero in on
important things and then explore what those "things" mean, where they may
come from and how I can better address them.

-Client, Ryan Couples Therapy

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