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Sacred Sexuality: The Union of Spirit and Body

Sacred Sexuality is Healing. Empowering. Full of Wisdom.

Sacred Sexuality awakens us to our true nature. Teaching us who we are, what our potential is, how to live in connection to the Divine Energies of the Feminine and the Masculine.

Sacred Sexuality allows us to draw from the power of the very source of life itself: the purest, most unconditional, infinite source of Love.

So it is with joy and much excitement that I write to you today about my new offerings in my therapy practice in the realm of Sacred Sexuality.

Sacred Sexuality is a potent source for healing. Healing the pain that comes when we live in a disembodied and disconnected state. Disembodied and disconnected from our bodies, our spirit, our hearts, and our emotions; disconnected from knowing others in a deeply meaningful and loving way.

Sacred Sexuality is the intersection of our physical experience with our Divine Spirit. When we practice Sacred Sexuality we are saying “yes” to a process of alchemy. The alchemizing process that occurs with a practice of Sacred Sexuality is one of the transformation of our physical desires into powerfully, vibrant spiritual energy.

This alchemizing process of transforming the physical into the spiritual leads us to go into the hidden places where our deepest longings, our truest selves, and our connection to the Source of Love resides.

You might be wondering “How does this work?; How can I learn more about this?”

My Sacred Sexuality work with clients begins with an expansion of one’s ideas of sex and sexuality.

It begins with clients learning how to move beyond the simplified and incomplete definitions that sex is only foreplay, intercourse, orgasm; learning how to move beyond the understanding that sex has a starting point and an ending point; moving beyond the idea that sex can be compartmentalized from the rest of our lives.

I help clients learn how to create a new approach to their sexuality. One that requires them to practice the full embodiment of their spirit into their physical bodies through meditation, breath work, and the practice of clearing blocks, obstacles, and negative messages and experiences.

I help clients create a new approach to sex. One that requires them to invoke their creativity and passion and beauty and zest for life. One that requires them to integrate all of their physical experiences with their spirit through a practice of opening to the pulse of life.

My work helps clients to embrace a deeper, more expansive idea of sex and sexuality.

Sacred Sexuality teaches us that we all have the potential to LIVE our sexuality. It teaches us that our sexual energy can nourish us in the most profound, healing, and empowering ways.

It teaches us that there is so much more to our sexuality than a conditioned routine that we engage in after our “to do” lists are done and when we fall into bed at night exhausted from the day.

It is not an activity but rather a way of being, of living, of awakening to our Divine Spirit.

During my online course, “Wild Belonging: how to how to honor the intimate connection between sexuality, compassion, and the cosmos,” we will learn how to honor our own rhythms, to celebrate our sexuality and body, to cultivate a well-spring of compassion, to awaken our connection with the powerful, cosmic magic that is waiting to bestow its wisdom on all of us.

Living our sexuality IS full embodiment of our spirit.

This full embodiment allows our us to dance, to move, to create, to speak the truth, to express our emotional experiences, to love ourselves, and to connect with others on a soul level through our body.

Living our sexuality emanates from within us and allows us to bring forth the love and desire that lives deeply in our soul.

It allows us to step into our beautiful, radiant essence and to create a path of light and joy and true connection to ourselves and to those with whom we are in an intimate relationship.

This is SO very empowering. It is SO affirming.

It leads us to knowing true joy.

It brings us to the ultimate experience of what it means to be fully alive.

There is an elegance and strength in this that cannot be shaken. For when we connect our spirit to our sexual energy, we are free to live our lives from our truest, most authentic self. The self that existed before we were hurt, before we experienced pain, before we were rejected or criticized or abandoned. The self that existed before we allowed fear to close our hearts.

When we are free to live our lives from this deep place within us where our soul resides, we have an internal strength that is not dependent on anything external. It is sourced from the love nestled in our soul and is with us always.

When we are fully embodied, and our spirit is at one with our sexuality, we can transform all of the pain and hurt and darkness into the purest form of love and enlightenment.

When our spirit and sexuality are one, we are no longer fragmented. Everything we have known and seen and heard and felt and experienced flows into our sacred container and we become whole.

This is powerful and meaningful work.

It requires us to want to be Awake.

It often is born from a sense of disconnection, confusion, dissatisfaction, loneliness, emptiness or isolation.

It often requires us to step into the abyss of unknowing. And those that step into this abyss, do so because somewhere deep inside of them, they know that they can no longer live as a disembodied, disconnected and fragmented self.

When we feel called to this work, it confirms that we have been searching for wholeness, for joy, for deep love, and the ability to truly connect to the life source.

If this feels intriguing to you, if you desire to embody your Divine Spirit, to learn how to awaken your sexual energy, and to integrate these two aspects of your being so that you live your fullest life, I hope you will seek me out.

Sacred sexuality – How to access it and how to create it.

I will be posting more about sacred sexuality as our summer unfolds here in the Northern Hemisphere. I will be writing about how to access it and how to create it.

I will be talking about the benefits of it and offer more about how it differs from intercourse.

I will be offering practices you can begin to use so that you can integrate sacred sexuality into your life.

I am so excited that I am on this path, and with an open heart, I am inviting you to join me.

In the next month, we will be experiencing two eclipses. The solar eclipse on July 2nd and the lunar eclipse on July 16th. Eclipses are potent times to pay attention to what is being revealed to us as well as times to release the things in our lives that no longer serve us. Perhaps, you can tap into this energy during the eclipses and see what is beckoning you; what is asking to be released, what is asking to be embraced.

Wherever you are in this moment is perfect. Whether you know you are not yet ready for this, or you are doing cartwheels because this all resonates so much with you and you cannot wait to get started. Trust yourself. Trust where you are in this moment of your life.

As always, wishing you peace on your journey,

Learn more by visiting my Sacred Sexuality FAQ page.

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Jane Ryan

Jane Ryan, M.A., LMFT, is a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist with twenty years of clinical experience. She specializes in intimate relationships, sexual challenges, sacred sexuality, and helping clients embrace their true erotic nature. She supports women in discovering their most radiant, vibrant and powerful feminine essence.