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Homecoming: Return to the Divine Feminine

She has been speaking to me, asking me to come home… the Divine Feminine. The Divine Mother. Calling me back into her folds, into her warmth, and into her loving presence.

Years ago, during a very dark time in my life, I found her. She healed the wounded places in my heart and soul. She taught me what it meant to be a woman in touch with her inner soul-fire. She guided me on my journey of heartbreak, loss and unknowing. She helped me to transform the pain into a new awareness and an authentic connection to myself.

She led me to know my true nature for the very first time. She led me to open up to her mysteries and encouraged me to sit with the unknowing and to make it my friend.

She soothed me and comforted me as a loving mother should, and in ways I never knew as a child. She empowered me to find my path. She helped me to create a life focused on her rhythms, her seasons, her loving guidance and wisdom.

And I did. I opened to her voice expressed in the cycles of the moon. I opened to her voice in the rhythm of my days and the rhythm of my own body. I opened to her voice found in the fecund earth, the changing tides of the oceans, the peace in the woods. I found her in spirit animals she sent along my path.

I opened to her guidance, gently encouraging me to listen to and follow my heart. As I did, I found my loving partner, the love of my life.

I surrendered. I opened. I received.

I loved Her deeply. And then… I gradually spent less time with Her. And eventually, I lost touch with Her.

She did not lose me. She remained steady, patient, waiting for me to return again to her folds.

Life pulled me away. Demands of living in a patriarchal, capitalistic society focused on money, and competition, and aggression, and power pulled me away.

The lie, told in such a society, that work needs to be a linear, harsh, unconscious, unrelenting experience, dominated. This lie tore at my soul, even while I allowed it to determine my life.

I stopped quieting myself to listen to the whispers of the Divine Mother’s callings. I stopped opening my heart to Her teachings and guidance. I was too busy… busy managing my life, busy chasing the big prize… but what that prize was, I was not even sure.

There was a brief pause in all of this when I got breast cancer. Once again, the Divine Mother was there for me. Holding me, loving me in all the pain, fear and loss. She encouraged me to return to Her.

And for a short while I did. In the stillness of my recovery, I remembered her deeply. I told myself to stay with her this time. Stay in the breath of her spirit as I returned to health, to work, and to the demands of life.

But I did not. As my body and mind and heart healed from cancer, I once again believed the lies that my worth was to be found in a relentlessly harsh regime that pushed my mind and my body to achieve. To chase perfection. To chase someone else’s ideas of happiness.

But last fall, something familiar stirred in my being. The Divine Mother’s loving voice was calling me home to a place of true, unconditional love.

At the start of this year, I vowed to myself that this will be the year to cultivate, to strengthen, and to restore my relationship with the Divine Feminine Mother.

And now, after never completely forgetting, but forgetting just enough to lose my way many times in life, I have come home.

Home to the Divine Mother again. Never to leave.

She has received me with open arms because she is and will always be, the most loving mother. Ever patient; ever present; ever protective; ever steadfast.

She is ready to guide, inspire, and enrich my life with Her love, and healing, and richness.

In my home-coming, I have experienced the peace, the contentment, and the ease that only comes when we find ourselves on our true path. That only comes when we find our way into Her light again. Which is the way into Love.

I have spent the last several months reflecting, meditating, and opening myself up to connect to her presence. I have created space in my days, to re-acquaint myself with her ways. And, ever the loving mother, she has helped me to integrate her spirit, her love, her wisdom more and more, into my life.

I have come to see so very clearly that She wants to be my guide, my support, and my source of wisdom and healing in my work with clients. AND, She wants so much for me to help others be in touch with their inner soul-fire.

I feel her nudging me to focus my work on helping others, couples and individuals, those in relationship and those who are not, connect to their EROTIC energy, which is the life force, and our birth-right.

Women, men, non-binary folks, cis, trans, straight, gay, bi, pan. Everyone is included. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is deserving to live a life in their full erotic power, connected to the life force of this earth.

In my personal life, and in my work as a couple and sex therapist, I am embarking on new avenues to live in Her light, to follow Her wisdom, and to integrate Her teachings.

She has already sent me sisters who are also traveling this path and who will be my companions along the way. Those who will teach with me, heal with me, and support my work.

She has helped me crystallize my ideas. She has inspired me and encouraged me as a loving mother does.

In the true feminine spirit, I know, and am so very aware, that in my work with others, I am not the “expert” or the “authority” on any of this. I will merely be a co-traveler, a companion walking alongside my clients as they embark on this deep soul work and transformative journey.

So, be on the watch for new offerings coming your way. From me to you. To share. To explore. To learn. To Grow. To Thrive. To Be Transformed.

I will be offering a new blog series on understanding and integrating the Divine Feminine into one’s life, one’s relationships, and one’s sexual and erotic energy.

I will be offering more on how our sexual energy is fueled and inspired by the erotic yearnings of the life force surrounding, and within, all of us.

I will be talking more about reclaiming your life and how to enter the process of re-wilding.

I will be holding space in my office for clients who want to heal, envision, and transform their lives so that they are living their most alive, vibrant, on-fire, version of themselves in love, light and joy.

I hope you will join and/or follow me to learn more. As always,

Peace in the journey,

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Jane Ryan

Jane Ryan, M.A., LMFT, is a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist with twenty years of clinical experience. She specializes in intimate relationships, sexual challenges, sacred sexuality, and helping clients embrace their true erotic nature. She supports women in discovering their most radiant, vibrant and powerful feminine essence.