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Kelly Nebres Pilates by Kelly

A Community of Healers: Pilates by Kelly

In my first post featuring community healers and practitioners, I want to introduce Kelly Nebres, owner and creator of  Pilates by Kelly. Kelly is one of those people, who after working with her, you feel stronger, more at peace, more calm and more hopeful. Her gentle, encouraging, and affirming presence is a balm for one’s […]

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Body Love – A Practice of Deep Reverence – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma WA

Body Love: A Practice of Deep Reverence

Body Love. A practice of deep reverence for the container that holds our spirit, heart, and emotions. In addition, to holding our spirit, heart, and emotions, our bodies have the capacity to express our sexual desire and our sexuality in ways unique to each of us. Body love is an essential ingredient in the cultivation […]

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Sacred Sexuality – How Do We Create It_ _ Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma WA

Sacred Sexuality: How Do We Create It?

Sacred Sexuality… how do we create it? Access it? Cultivate it? In my last post, I introduced the idea of  Sacred Sexuality. Today I want to start the conversation about how we can create and access it so that it benefits our lives, our relationships (to self and others), our health, and our overall sense […]

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Avoiding Conflict - Hiding our Authentic Self – Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma, WA

Avoiding Conflict: Hiding our Authentic Self

Practice #3: How to Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage. Avoiding conflict… we have all been there. Who doesn’t want to avoid the discomfort of anger, being hurt, feeling misunderstood, exposing one’s vulnerability? But when we avoid conflict as an ongoing pattern in our marriage, it creates BIG problems for the long-term. Avoiding conflict […]

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Rewilding-Reclaiming Your True Nature – Ryan Couples Therapy

Rewilding: Reclaiming Your True Nature

Practice #2: How to Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage. In my e-book, Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage, I talk about how to be in an intimate relationship that thrives while having a strong sense of self. This is my second practice in my series of posts focusing on helping you reclaim your […]

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Finding Your Voice - Reclaiming Your Life – Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma, WA

Finding Your Voice: Reclaiming Your Life

Practice #1: How to Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage. My e-book, Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage, was written to help those of you who have experienced, or are experiencing now, a deep disconnection from your truest nature and most authentic self within the context of your marriage or intimate relationship. I […]

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New Possibilities: 2019

Happy New Year! January has brought a whole lot of positive energy and excitement for new possibilities and growth at Ryan Couples Therapy in 2019. Plans are well underway for 2019 to be the year to help more couples transform struggling, dissatisfying relationships into ones that thrive with vibrancy, health, and passion! I am looking […]

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Tuning In-A Recipe for A Life Well-Lived–Ryan Couples Therapy

Tuning In: A Recipe for A Life Well-Lived

Practice #2 of Improve your Marriage Without Therapy (in 5 Steps) When we are “tuning in” to our partner, we create connection. “Tuning in” is being aware of, being intentional, compassionate, responsive and engaged. Tuning in moves us toward intimacy. In my ebook How to Improve Your Marriage Without Therapy, I outline 5 simple, yet effective, […]

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How to Improve your Marriage Without Therapy

Improve your Marriage Without Therapy (in 5 Steps)

This post covers the five things you can do at home today to improve your marriage, so you don’t have to come to couples therapy. Ever think about starting couples therapy to learn how to stop the negative, hurtful, and painful interactions in your marriage? But you don’t follow through with this due to fear […]

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Compassion–Our Greatest Gift in Marriage Ryan Couples Therapy

Compassion: Our Greatest Gift in Marriage

Practice #6 of 6 Core Practices to Create a Healthy Marriage Compassion and empathy, is the 6th practice described in my ebook, Transform Your Relationship: Core Practices To Create A Healthy Marriage. Today, I want to focus on compassion. Without the practice and presence of compassion in an intimate relationship, it becomes even harder to navigate emotionally […]

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