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Couple embracing – How to Create a Healthy, Vibrant Relationship Without Couples Therapy

How to Create a Healthy, Vibrant Relationship Without Couples Therapy

Don’t you wish there was a class to take in high school or college that taught you how to be a good partner in your intimate relationship? That your parents talked more openly and taught you more about what constitutes healthy, sexual relationships? And that your parents modeled how to effectively resolve conflict by how […]

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grief-an-other- aspects- of- unconditional love

The Multi-Faceted Aspects of Unconditional Love

Last week my only daughter got married. And it was a joyous and love-filled experience for me. I was on cloud nine as I participated in the wedding day. A big part of my joy was in witnessing family, friends, and community express much love for my daughter and her husband. Hello Grief After she […]

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How to Bring Up Couples Therapy with Your Partner

How to Bring Up Couples Therapy with Your Partner (6 Dos and Don’ts)

Picture this: You and your partner are about to take off for a lovely romantic weekend away together. As you both are getting ready, a recurring issue surfaces between you. Before you know it, you both are arguing, angry, hurt, and feeling misunderstood. You find yourself having second thoughts about your “lovely romantic weekend”. Silence […]

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Men of Integrity- How to Create Lives of Acceptance, Love, and Peace

Men of Integrity: How to Create Lives of Acceptance, Love, and Peace

Photo courtesy of 123RF.  altanaka/123RF Men Of Integrity I am married to a good man. Together we raised four boys who have become good men. My daughter is about to marry a good man. And by “good”, I mean men of integrity; men who respect others and who are kind; men who strive to live […]

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Rain, Stillness and the Power of Connection

Spring Season Pacific Northwest Style I am sitting on the couch with a fire going in the wood burning stove and the steady fall of rain outside my windows. Welcome to the spring season in the Pacific Northwest. As the sky drops more and more rain, the world becomes greener and brighter. In the 24 […]

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is three or more better than two?

Three or More Better than Two? A Critique of Megyn Kelly’s approach to consensual non-monogamy

Can we just take a very important pause here to think consciously and intentionally about Megyn Kelly’s interviews about consensual non-monogamy on her March 1st show? Sexism Revealed As a couples therapist who often works with clients who are wrestling with the challenges of monogamy, and/or the challenges of consensual non-monogamy, I was so taken […]

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love stories

Love Stories

Two weeks ago, my daughter came into town to shop for her wedding dress. We carefully planned our day and the places we would shop. Our first stop was a beautiful vintage shop in Ballard. The salesperson took us to their back room where their vintage wedding dresses were stored. As we entered, I […]

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thanksgiving remembered

Thanksgiving Remembered

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I have found myself thinking of thanksgivings past. I have such cherished memories of Thanksgiving with my family, growing up in New Jersey. Every year, my parents and my older sister and younger brother would go to my aunt and uncle’s house. For me, this was the place of childhood joy […]

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How to Practice Self Awareness and Create a Stronger Marriage

Self awareness is one of the keys to creating a strong marriage. One contributing factor of thriving relationships is each partner’s ability to understand and accept themselves through the practice of self awareness. When both partners are able to clarify and express their thoughts, perspectives, experiences and their emotions effectively in an atmosphere of receptivity, […]

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Understanding and Inviting Eroticism Into Our Lives

I was asked the other day, “What is eroticism?”. In fact, I get asked this question a lot in my work. Mostly because as soon as clients talk about sex, I introduce the idea of the erotic. Much of my work with clients focuses on helping them deepen their understanding of eroticism as a way […]

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