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Reclaiming Our Heart’s Desires: A Path to Recovering from Purity Culture, Religious Trauma, and Sexual Shame

Reclaiming Our Heart’s Desires: A Path to Recovering from Purity Culture, Religious Trauma, and Sexual Shame Please join Sarahlynn Etta of Maitri Movement and me for a day-long retreat focused on healing from the toxic narratives, beliefs, and experiences of purity culture and sexual shame. This retreat offers a healing space to explore, acknowledge, and […]

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Hunter Clark – Ryan Couples Therapy Gig Harbor, WA

Coaching Services Now available!

Coaching services are now available at Ryan Therapy Services. Coaching is not therapy, but a whole different kind of help. It offers a context for people to clarify, identify and work toward reaching their goals. Coaching helps clients take action and move closer to creating the life or relationship they desire. Since I am a […]

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Kelly Nebres Pilates by Kelly

A Community of Healers: Pilates by Kelly

In my first post featuring community healers and practitioners, I want to introduce Kelly Nebres, owner and creator of  Pilates by Kelly. Kelly is one of those people, who after working with her, you feel stronger, more at peace, more calm and more hopeful. Her gentle, encouraging, and affirming presence is a balm for one’s […]

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4 Guided Meditations to Awaken Your Sexual Well-Being

4 Guided Meditations to Awaken Your Sexual Well-Being

Guided meditations can serve as a portal to awakening your sexual well-being. For many, creating sexual experiences consisting of pleasure, peace, ease, connection, joy, embodiment, and compassionate acceptance seem to be out of reach, impossible, or not realistic. Obstacles to creating sexual well-being are many. Some are: Painful past relationships and experiences Trauma Attachment wounds […]

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Creating Intimacy in Uncertain Times

Creating intimacy in uncertain times can be a huge challenge. In creating intimacy during uncertainty, compassion will be required more than ever. Without compassion, we will feel more distressed and less connected. For some partners, creating intimacy during this time of quarantine and social distancing will come naturally. It can be a welcomed time of […]

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Coming Home – A Sacred Wild Belonging _ Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Coming Home: A Sacred Wild Belonging

Coming Home: Welcomed Retreat or Fostering more Fear? Coming Home to ourselves and our loved ones has become something quite different than “business as usual” in the last couple of weeks in our country. With the COVID-19 pandemic, coming home and staying home, now is filled with complex emotions and lots of uncertainty. For those […]

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Woman walking into water - Alchemy of Love and Sex – Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma WA

The Alchemy of Love and Sex

The Alchemy of Love and Sex is real, potent, and transformative. Love is the great healer. When we open to love’s presence, drinking in its essence, receiving it for ourselves and giving it to others, we become the great alchemists. It is our magic. Love is an ethereal presence; an energy of mystery, of the […]

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Shedding our Skin – Returning,Reclaiming,Redefining – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Shedding our Skin: Returning, Reclaiming, Redefining

Shedding our skin is the journey of returning, reclaiming and redefining our true nature and our Sacred Sexuality.  It is a powerful act of both letting go and reclaiming; letting go of the lies that have imprisoned us and reclaiming our truest, most divine selves. I want to share with you a most potent dream […]

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Sacred Sexuality – How Do We Create It_ _ Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma WA

Sacred Sexuality: How Do We Create It?

Sacred Sexuality… how do we create it? Access it? Cultivate it? In my last post, I introduced the idea of  Sacred Sexuality. Today I want to start the conversation about how we can create and access it so that it benefits our lives, our relationships (to self and others), our health, and our overall sense […]

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Taking Back Your Life - Ryan Couples Therapy | Tacoma, WA

Taking Back Our Listening, Our Voice, Our Light

Practice #10: How to Reclaim Your Life and Strengthen Your Marriage. Taking back your life… by now I hope you have a sense of why reclaiming your life, discovering your true nature and participating in the re-wilding process is so important. Not only for yourself, but for the life of your marriage. Here are words written […]

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