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Compassion–Our Greatest Gift in Marriage Ryan Couples Therapy

Compassion: Our Greatest Gift in Marriage

Practice #6 of 6 Core Practices to Create a Healthy Marriage Compassion and empathy, is the 6th practice described in my ebook, Transform Your Relationship: Core Practices To Create A Healthy Marriage. Today, I want to focus on compassion. Without the practice and presence of compassion in an intimate relationship, it becomes even harder to navigate emotionally […]

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Why an Open Heart is the Pathway to Our True Nature – Ryan Couples Therapy

Why an Open Heart is the Pathway to Our True Nature

Practice #3 of 6 Core Practices to Create a Healthy Marriage My ebook, Transform Your Relationship: 6 Core Practices to Create a Healthy Marriage, details essential practices you and your partner can work on to strengthen your connection and build a better relationship. The third practice I write about in the ebook is Managing Emotions. How do we […]

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Severed Belonging and Grief

I have been thinking a lot lately of two things: grief and severed belonging. These two things are inter-twined. Often, we experience grief when our place of belonging has been severed in some way. Our experience of grief is the vehicle through which we begin to heal the severed belonging. The Desire for Belonging All […]

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grief-an-other- aspects- of- unconditional love

The Multi-Faceted Aspects of Unconditional Love

Last week my only daughter got married. And it was a joyous and love-filled experience for me. I was on cloud nine as I participated in the wedding day. A big part of my joy was in witnessing family, friends, and community express much love for my daughter and her husband. Hello Grief After she […]

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Men of Integrity- How to Create Lives of Acceptance, Love, and Peace

Men of Integrity: How to Create Lives of Acceptance, Love, and Peace

Photo courtesy of 123RF.  altanaka/123RF Men Of Integrity I am married to a good man. Together we raised four boys who have become good men. My daughter is about to marry a good man. And by “good”, I mean men of integrity; men who respect others and who are kind; men who strive to live […]

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love stories

Love Stories

Two weeks ago, my daughter came into town to shop for her wedding dress. We carefully planned our day and the places we would shop. Our first stop was a beautiful vintage shop in Ballard. The salesperson took us to their back room where their vintage wedding dresses were stored. As we entered, I […]

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thanksgiving remembered

Thanksgiving Remembered

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I have found myself thinking of thanksgivings past. I have such cherished memories of Thanksgiving with my family, growing up in New Jersey. Every year, my parents and my older sister and younger brother would go to my aunt and uncle’s house. For me, this was the place of childhood joy […]

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Understanding and Inviting Eroticism Into Our Lives

I was asked the other day, “What is eroticism?”. In fact, I get asked this question a lot in my work. Mostly because as soon as clients talk about sex, I introduce the idea of the erotic. Much of my work with clients focuses on helping them deepen their understanding of eroticism as a way […]

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The Elusiveness of Transformation.

What is transformation and how do we access it? What’s more, how do we take our own suffering and pain and transform it into an experience of meaning and wisdom? When I first got diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought about others who described how their illness became an experience of transformation. I wanted this, […]

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The Courage of Others: How the Coast Guard and Breast Cancer Intersected in my Life

Sometimes, it is not enough to rely on our own courage. Sometimes, it is necessary to rely on the courage of others; especially when our own courage is lacking. As I have reflected on my last year’s experience of breast cancer, the courage of my husband is one of the most salient aspects of the […]

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