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Memories of being a young mother Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Memories of Being a Young Mother

Memories of being a young mother: I gather the flour, yeast, salt, and honey. I find the old recipe book my aunt gave me years ago when I was newly married. I haven’t made bread in years. I feel a deep uncertainty settle upon me. “It’s only making bread”, I tell myself. Why such doubt […]

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Winter The Wild-lands of Soul Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Winter: The Wild-lands of Soul

Winter calls the wild-lands of our soul to be held in its embrace. With its hushed colors and gray light, in the unfolding and enveloping stillness, the season invites us to root down into the core of our being. The wild-lands of winter lead us back to the wild-lands of our own soul through the […]

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Autumnal Blessings – Serpent Wisdom and Transformation – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Autumn: Sacred Mystery, Serpent Wisdom, and Transformation

Autumn Blessings! Autumn is a time to return, remember, reclaim and rewild. Autumn is a time to be inspired by the mystery of the unknown, to embrace the wisdom of the serpent and the energy of transformation. A time of trusting the birth/death/rebirth cycle. A time to ground into Mother Earth’s abundance and wrap ourselves […]

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Winter Solstice image of Stonehenge – The Gift of Stillness – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Winter Solstice: The Gift of Stillness

Winter solstice offers us the gift of stillness. Solstice literally means “sun stands still.” So as the winter solstice approaches, we too are invited to come into stillness. This season invites us to honor the art of stillness, to cultivate patience, to trust the waiting period ripe with potential, yet to be revealed. To trust […]

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Photo of Western Ireland – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Ancestor Wisdom Surfaces as the Veil Thins

Ancestor wisdom surfaces as the veil thins between the material and the spiritual worlds this time of year. During the fall season, as the earth lets go of summer’s energy and moves toward winter’s hibernation, our ancestor spirits and guides are more available to us. But what does all of this really mean? It means […]

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Foggy Pacific NW scene – Ryan Couples Therapy, Tacoma, WA

Coming Home to the Pacific Northwest: Land of Ghosts, Spirits, and Re-Wilding

Coming home to the Pacific Northwest, “the land of ghosts, spirits, and re-wilding”, my beloved home for 26 years, has been a long journey, but worth everything it took for me to arrive here. I was reminded of the sacred essence of this place, when I woke this morning to ghosts surrounding my beloved fir, […]

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Invocation for Fall Equinox – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Invocation for Fall Equinox

Dear Soul. This fall, I am coming home to you; for within your depths, I am one with my own Wild Belonging. I welcome the paradox and complexity found in all of nature; gifts that teach me how to live in alignment with you, dear soul. I welcome every nuance and all that is brazen. […]

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Whispers of the Sacred Feminine as the World Burns – Ryan Couples Therapy

Whispers of the Sacred Feminine as the World Burns

The Sacred Feminine is whispering to us even as the world burns. The west coast of the U.S.A., where I live, is literally engulfed in wildfire flames. I feel the oppressiveness of the smoke. And it is with fatigue, sadness, anger, grief, and a sense of desolation that I feel like I am burning too. […]

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Remembering the Body’s Wisdom

Remembering our body’s inherent wisdom is a practice that will help us heal from the destructiveness of the diet industry, diet culture, and the tenets of white supremacy and patriarchal standards of beauty. Ancient cultures knew how to listen to and revere the messages of one’s body. They used the earth’s food (pure, natural, whole […]

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Yoni Love: Ancient Feminine Wisdom

Yoni love is a path to connect to our ancient feminine wisdom. I love being in deep conversation with other women about yoni love, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, desire; about how all of these things are inter-connected to our divine feminine wisdom, to our ancestral wisdom, and to the heartbeat of the life force held deep […]

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