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Autumn: Sacred Mystery, Serpent Wisdom, and Transformation

Autumn Blessings!

Autumn is a time to return, remember, reclaim and rewild.

Autumn is a time to be inspired by the mystery of the unknown, to embrace the wisdom of the serpent and the energy of transformation. A time of trusting the birth/death/rebirth cycle. A time to ground into Mother Earth’s abundance and wrap ourselves in the magic of the moon.

As summer breathes its final breath and transitions into autumn this next week in the Northern Hemisphere, I am intentionally preparing for my own returning, remembering, reclaiming and rewilding.

For me, autumn’s descent inspires me to pay attention to the thinning of the veil between the earthly and the sacred mystery.

This year, my autumn’s rituals will include cultivating a new relationship with the serpent’s wisdom and transformative power.

In this autumn season of returning, remembering, reclaiming and rewilding, we all can be richly guided by the ancient wisdom of the serpent and the Divine Feminine . This includes:

  • Returning to the rituals of one’s ancestors to connect to one’s divine purpose.
  • Working with trusted healers and guides to address and resolve wounds, trauma, and the secrets held in the shadow self.
  • Clearing the muddiness that keeps us from true alignment.
  • Re-igniting one’s creative fire to birth new offerings that reflect one’s authentic purpose and passions.
  • Listening to the secrets of the Divine Feminine that flows through the moon and sun and stars.
  • Immersing oneself in the sacred energy of Mother Earth and her wisdom as the wind chills and the leaves fall.
  • Remembering that we all are fiercely and lovingly rooted into our sacred home of wildest belonging.
  • Embracing Wild Woman energy.
  • Reclaiming our truth and returning to who we were before the world, patriarchy, greed, and fear asked us to hide our truth, silence our voice, and bury our gifts.

An essential aspect of all of this is returning to and reclaiming one’s sexual truth and erotic energy.  Remembering our true relationship with the serpent will help with this.

Here is a description of the serpent’s history and symbolism as quoted from catorilife:

“Long ago, in ancient times, before the great imbalance between masculine and feminine occurred, long before the earth and the women became a commodity to be owned, used and abused, the serpent was not a symbol of evil, but deeply honored and recognized as a friend and helper of the beloved great mother goddess. Snakes teachings are vast. Her tendency to stay ever so close to the earth reminds us to stay grounded and true to the soil that nurtures us, and to trust. Snake teaches us to regularly shed our skins of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve our highest good. She teaches us the art of transformation, death and rebirth as well as strength, perseverance and loyalty.  She teaches us survival and how to hunt, and be patient when we must. She is a true friend to the wild women.”

When we remember and return to our true relationship with the serpent energy, we remember and return to our origins and our erotic truth. The serpent wants us to reclaim our sexual sovereignty. The serpent wants us to reclaim our sexual magic. The serpent wants us to unleash the chains of judgment, restriction, and misogyny. The serpent wants us to express our true erotic nature in love, joy, celebration, and reverence.

To learn more about the sacredness of the serpent and its relationship with the Great Mother Goddess and women, listen to this wonderful story by Sylvia Lindsteadt, The Pythia.

Or check out this book: The Serpent and the Goddess, by Judith Shaw.

I hope that you will come into this autumn season with a desire to shed all that no longer serves you.  To free yourself from old beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck. To invite the Divine Feminine energy of the Great Mother Goddess into your heart and soul. To immerse yourself in the transformative rituals and practices of your wise ancestors.

I hope you will connect with the abundance of Mother Earth in deep gratitude.

I hope you will allow serpent energy to guide you back to your roots and wild belonging; to guide you back to all the things that ignite your passions and free your soul.

I hope, that as the mysterious sacredness of autumn flows through all of your senses, you will return, remember, reclaim, and rewild your potent sexual and erotic sovereignty as your birth-right.

And most of all, I hope that you will remember that you are a wild and pure expression of the sacred mysteries of life.

As always, peace in the journey,

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Jane Ryan

Jane Ryan, M.A., LMFT, is a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist with twenty years of clinical experience. She specializes in intimate relationships, sexual challenges, sacred sexuality, and helping clients embrace their true erotic nature. She supports women in discovering their most radiant, vibrant and powerful feminine essence.