Kelly Nebres Pilates by Kelly

A Community of Healers: Pilates by Kelly

In my first post featuring community healers and practitioners, I want to introduce Kelly Nebres, owner and creator of  Pilates by Kelly.

Kelly Nebres Pilates by Kelly

Kelly is one of those people, who after working with her, you feel stronger, more at peace, more calm and more hopeful.

Her gentle, encouraging, and affirming presence is a balm for one’s body and soul.

Kelly teaches functional movement pilates – helping people move more efficiently, prevent injury, improve balance, and improve flexibility while building strength.

Her focus is to improve student’s overall quality of life through movement and mind/body connections.

Her special sauce includes her deep compassionate approach, her innate wisdom about the body’s messages, tending to the body’s needs with precise and skillful expertise, and her ability to create a safe place for people to move and heal.

Her work is inspired by this quote by Joseph Pilates:

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals.”

Kelly has been a key player for me in my personal healing journey. She has helped me in my recovery from breast cancer and hip surgery. Each week, our sessions together are an oasis in my life; a time to connect more deeply to my own body, listen to its needs, and learn how to respond with tender loving care.

Kelly teaches me how to move in ways that support healing and ongoing health.

I realized a long time ago that we are meant to live in community, not as solo entities. My course Wild Belonging celebrates the gift of connection and offers practices that help create a life of authenticity and communion with other humans, with the earth, and with the cosmos.

Over my life, when things have gotten challenging or rough, community has been a large part of my healing process. And when I have wanted to celebrate the joyful moments, community has made it all the more sweet.

Kelly is a life-long learner and is accomplished in her field. Her trainings and certifications include:

• A degree in Kinesiology

• Two Pilates Certifications

• Orthopedic Massage Certification Advanced studies and certifications in:

• Facial Movement and Unwinding Training

• Lower Limb Pathologies and Joint Replacement conditioning (including Pre and Post-surgery conditioning)

• Rotator Cuff Rehab Pilates

• Pilates for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia

• Pilates for Neurological Disorders (specializing in MS, Stroke Survivors, and Dementia/ Alzheimer’s)

• Pilates Method for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

• Pre and Post Pregnancy Pilates

• Pilates for Athletes

• Cadaver studies

• Advanced Anatomy

• Therapeutic Breath-work

If you are searching to deepen your mind/body connection and your relationship with your beautiful self, I encourage you to reach out to Kelly today.

Kelly can be reached at 253-229-0140.

You can also follow her on Instagram @pilatesbykellyllc

As Always, Peace in the Journey,


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