4 Guided Meditations to Awaken Your Sexual Well-Being

4 Guided Meditations to Awaken Your Sexual Well-Being

Guided meditations can serve as a portal to awakening your sexual well-being.

For many, creating sexual experiences consisting of pleasure, peace, ease, connection, joy, embodiment, and compassionate acceptance seem to be out of reach, impossible, or not realistic.

Obstacles to creating sexual well-being are many. Some are:

  • Painful past relationships and experiences
  • Trauma
  • Attachment wounds
  • Body shame
  • Cultural shaming
  • Unrealistic expectations about sex
  • Difficulty identifying what is desired or not feeling deserving to receive what is desired
  • Difficulty cultivating and embracing pleasure
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Living deeply disconnected from one’s mind, body, and spirit

However, you can heal and release shame, pain, negative narratives and beliefs, memories, and trauma. You can create secure, loving bonds of attachment. Over time and with loving attention, you can cultivate sexual well-being, sexual thriving, and erotic liberation.

I have written some guided meditations to support your healing journey. These meditations utilize mindfulness techniques, grounding practices, guided imagery, breath, and the energy centers of the body (chakras).

With consistent practice and intention, with time and patience, with loving compassionate acceptance, you can heal and create the kind of sexual experiences you desire.

1. Beginner’s Mind Guided Meditation

This meditation uses a practice of mindfulness referred to as Beginner’s Mind.

The research has shown that a practice of mindfulness is very effective in creating more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences.

Mindfulness helps us to be present without judgment and helps us to manage our distractions more effectively.

Judgment and distractions are two things that prevent us from experiencing more vibrant sexual experiences. A practice of mindful awareness helps us to experience sexual experiences in which we can be fully embodied and fully present.

The Zen Buddhists’ term “shoshin” refers to “Beginner’s Mind”.

When you cultivate Beginner’s Mind, you are engaging with the experience in the present moment as if for the first time.

Beginner’s Mind helps you to come to each moment with curiosity. With fresh, child-like eyes. Without expectations.

You can use mindfulness and Beginner’s Mind in your sexual practices to bring you into the present moment, into your body, fully connected to yourself and your partner(s).

2. Body, Heart, and Mind Guided Meditation

This meditation uses the energy of the erotic life force residing within us and all around us.

Eroticism is a beautiful, intricate, life-force energy that is present in:

~The cosmic and natural world

~The mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual parts of yourself.

~Your sexual energy, desire, longing, and playfulness

~Your arousal

~Your intuition

~Your sensuality

~Your creativity

Eroticism inspires and enriches everything.

Erotic Energy is the energy of creation and transformation. It is born of experience, both painful and joyful; asking for expression without judgment.

Erotic energy is a healing elixir. When you learn how to access it, it can soothe your inner turmoil and bring you into intimate loving connection with yourself and others. Just as you are.

As erotic energy is integrated into your life more and more, you can experience moments of wellbeing and vibrancy.

3. Calming and Grounding Guiding Meditation

This meditation is focused on calming and grounding techniques to address anxiety and distractions during sexual activity.

Anxiety is one of the main reasons people suffer from sexual dissatisfaction.

Anxiety can impact almost every aspect of sexuality: desire, arousal, embodiment, orgasm, relationship to self and other.

Performance Anxiety includes:
~Monitoring and judging yourself during sex with a critical eye or voice

~Thinking negatively about your body

~Focusing on technique only or being goal-oriented during sex

~Fear or concern that one’s body will not function as expected or wanted (not able to get erect, not able to lubricate, not able to orgasm, not ejaculating at the “right” time)

Performance anxiety takes you out of the present moment and creates disconnection. It leads to a constant stream of judgment, self-criticism, and comparison.

Is it any wonder our desire is low and we often dread our next sexual encounter?

The grounding guided meditation I created can help you cultivate a clear, centered, calm mind.

Practiced consistently, it will increase your capacity to cultivate a compassionate response in the moment when you feel
anxiety, or are distracted by judgments or critical thoughts, during sex.

It will help you return to your breath, your body, or your sensations as an anchor when you are pulled out of the present moment. It will help you accept yourself with unconditional love and awareness.

4. Guided Meditation to Soothe and Heal Sexual Shame

Our sexuality is a key aspect of our overall sense of well-being.

When sexual health, well-being, positivity, pleasure, and satisfaction are present in our life, we feel more alive, more confident, more joyful, more connected to self and other, and more connected to the erotic life force itself.

Sexual shame can be an obstacle in creating these kinds of opportunities and experiences.

Sexual shame can result from:

  • Religious messages
  • Negative messages about sex or one’s body
  • Toxic patriarchy
  • White supremacy
  • Perfectionism
  • Heteronormativity and cis-normativity
  • Judgment around sexual identity and/or gender
  • Negative, harmful, or traumatic sexual experiences
  • A lack of accurate information around sexuality; poor sexual education
  • Sex negativity in the form of rigidity, exclusion, pathologizing
  • Judgement around what one desires

The first step in healing sexual shame and embracing a positive sexuality and sexual practice is acknowledging this pain and how it is held in your body, memories, and belief systems.

Once acknowledged, we can tend to the shame and pain like a loving mother would tend to a wounded child. We can offer compassion, acceptance, empathy.

My guided meditation is a practice to help you get started in healing your sexual shame and replace it with positive messages, beliefs, and actions that celebrate your sexuality.

These guided meditations all have one goal in mind: connecting with yourself in new ways so you can experience pleasure, joy, authentic intimacy and sexual well-being.

If you are struggling in your sexual experiences and/or relationships in any way, I encourage you to check out my guided meditations. They can be found on my Sexual Well-Being and Care
Meditations page.

If you find that it feels too overwhelming when you get started, please pay attention to this and respectfully listen to your mind, body, and spirit.

Take your time. Accept where you are in every moment. Be patient and remember that healing is a life-long journey.

Most of all…

Trust yourself. Do only what feels completely safe and loving.

As always, peace in the journey,

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Jane Ryan

Jane Ryan, M.A., LMFT, is a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist with twenty years of clinical experience. She specializes in intimate relationships, sexual challenges, sacred sexuality, and helping clients embrace their true erotic nature. She supports women in discovering their most radiant, vibrant and powerful feminine essence.