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Sex Therapy & Intimate Relationship
Therapy for Port Orchard, WA

Port Orchard is the county seat of Kitsap County, Washington.

Located on the Kitsap Peninsula, Port Orchard is the home of two indigenous tribes, the Suquamish Tribe and the S’Klallam Tribe.

A beautiful drive from the Kitsap Peninsula across the Hood Canal Bridge takes you out to the Olympic Peninsula, home of the Skokomish Tribe.

Today, these tribes operate local enterprises and host tribal celebrations, many of which are open to the public.

Go here to learn more about the Native American tribes in Port Orchard, WA.

Ryan Therapy Services highly values the history of the indigenous people throughout the entire state of Washington.

We value the rich connection throughout the local communities, acknowledge the life-giving support of Mother Earth, and the wisdom and guidance of the entire cosmos.

As a small business who offers therapy services for Kitsap County and the entire state of Washington, we are committed to contributing to the positive energy of all of our surrounding communities.

Who Am I as a Therapist practicing right next door in Port Orchard?

Port Orchard is where I began my career as a therapist.

I was a family therapist for the Kitsap County Juvenile Court located in Port Orchard.

Because of this, I have a meaningful connection to the community and its needs. I am deeply grateful also, because it is the community that got me started as a new therapist and supported my professional growth.

This is how I hope to contribute to the community of Port Orchard as a psychotherapist:

  • Provide a safe place for clients to heal and learn to thrive.
  • Provide a safe place for clients to explore questions concerning sex, relationships and intimacy.
  • Provide a safe place to navigate the challenges & complexity of relationships.
  • Provide a safe place to learn how to cultivate a sex-positive mindset.
  • Provide a safe place for clients to explore their erotic and sexual truths without apology.
  • This includes all humans: straight and LGBTQIA2S+, monogamous, traditional couples, consensually non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships.

Who I Am Professionally:

My Credentials:

I am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.
As an AASECT certified sex therapist, my expertise lies in the ability to integrate my knowledge of psychotherapy with my knowledge of human sexuality and sex therapy.

I blend my deep understanding of the human psyche, intimate relationships and socio-cultural influences with my expansive understanding of human sexuality.

You can learn more about the practice of sex therapy and sex education at the American Association of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

I am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Washington. This gives me the ability to see anyone who lives in the state of Washington. Tele-therapy helps meet to reach clients all over the state.

I received my M.A from Pacific Lutheran University Marriage and Family Therapy program in1998.

I received advanced post-graduate training at The Couple’s Institute in Menlo Park, CA.

I received my sex therapy training from the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment.

I work from a Pleasure Model and a Sexual Health Model.

I specialize in helping clients heal from sexual shame and the negative and harmful messages of purity culture.

I help clients create positive, satisfying, and pleasure-based sexual experiences.

I honor and work with clients of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, gender identities, and relationship structures.

I offer the following:

I am now proudly serving clients in the entire state of Washington.

Places to Explore in the Port Orchard, WA Community:

Port Orchard Farmer’s Market 
On the waterfront, Saturdays from 9 am to 12 noon from April to October.

Veterans Living History Museum

Feeling Hungry or Thirsty? Visit the Following Port Orchard establishments: 

Cosmos Ristorante and Delicatessen Delicious authentic Italian Food
“To us, vision encompasses so much more than how we serve our customers when they are with us.... it extends to serving our community and then our world. What is more important, we ask ourselves... making food that transports people, making sure our facilities are welcoming and comfortable, not adding to landfill and keeping our carbon footprint small, making the perfect doppio con panna, being an awesome place to work for our employees, supporting the many groups, clubs, and associations in and around our community, lifting our customers and our employees hearts by their experiences at our hands.”

Peninsula Beverage Co
“Greetings friends of Peninsula BevCo! We at the PBC stand for local entrepreneurship, big ideas and community values. We all hail from Kitsap, our wonderful home, and we are investing in the idea that as a community, we can dream big and ignite Port Orchard. We want people to feel the hometown pride you get with coming together, working hard, and building a cornerstone business for our community to cherish.”


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How Ryan Therapy Services can help you

My services can help you in many ways whether you need to find and connect with your authentic self or whether you are seeking deeper connection with your significant other. I help individuals and couples master the art of envisioning the relationship they truly desire and help them transform into the person they most want to be.

My services can help men and women alike heal from infidelity, sexual trauma, and any other wounds that are standing in the way of true intimacy.

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What Clients Have to Say

I think the structure of our sessions make me feel valuable. It's the conversation
and not the "what I am hearing you say..." approach. You allow me to share what is
happening in my life, how I am feeling and thinking and from there we zero in on
important things and then explore what those "things" mean, where they may
come from and how I can better address them.

-Client, Ryan Couples Therapy

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