Online Couples Therapy

Online Couples Therapy | Ryan Therapy – Tacoma, WA

Interested in starting online couples therapy, with an experienced and skilled couples therapist from the privacy of your own home?

Our convenient online therapy provides access to couples therapy for couples who:

  • Are Very Busy
    We know that people have hectic schedules, long commutes, and limited time home together. They don’t want yet another meeting that takes them away from the comfort of home.
  • Want More Privacy
    They have intimate issues they would like to discuss but can’t imagine opening up to a therapist in person. Our online sessions create a bit of a protective buffer.
  • Are on the Move
    One or both partners might often travel for work or have frequent military deployments. Therapy does not have to stop while you are away from each other.

You can experience quality couples therapy in a private, online setting

Various studies show that online therapy is as effective as in person sessions.

Your secure teletherapy sessions will be led by skilled couples therapists who maintain the highest ethical standards and have training in online therapy. Your sessions will be structured and facilitated to ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality.

How to get started

  1. What do you want to work on? Check in with your partner to identify what issues you’d both like to work on during your time in couples therapy.
  2. Set expectations for the work. Reflect on your current issue(s) and ask yourself and your partner if each of you is ready and willing to begin to work on your relationship.
  3. Reach out for therapy. Once you connect with us, we’ll be in touch so we can start the consultation process, identify what you want to work on, and help you create the life and relationship you truly desire.