Online Couples Therapy

Start couples and sex therapy today, from the privacy of your own home.

Are you interested in starting couples therapy, but the current global crisis has impacted your ability to access services?

With the current worldwide impact of COVID-19 and all the changes it has brought into our lives, NOW more than ever it is important for you and your partner to tend to, care for, and strengthen your intimate relationship. 

Ryan Couples Therapy is now offering all therapy sessions online so that you and your partner can continue to envision, heal, and transform your relationship.

You can start couples and sex therapy today, from the privacy of your own home. 

Why wait until you can have in-person therapy sessions again to create the kind of partnership you desire today?

Our therapy option for video conferencing/teletherapy, is a platform called VSee. VSee is a HIPAA compliant, secure platform that is structured and facilitated to ensure complete privacy and confidentiality.

Multiple research studies show that teletherapy provides an effective and positive alternative to coming to a therapist’s office.

In the midst of our uncertain times, teletherapy is available for anyone who wants to begin therapy to strengthen their relationship, address long-standing challenges, or begin to address specific challenges that have surfaced during the COVID-19 crisis.

It also provides opportunities for intimate relationship therapy and sex therapy long after this crisis is over, if clients:

  • Have busy schedules, long commutes, and limited time home together.
  • Prefer to have therapy sessions in the comfort of their own home. This removes the hassle of having to get a babysitter or have one more place to go to after a long day.
  • Either one or both partners have frequent military deployments or travel frequently for work. Therapy does not have to stop while you are away from each other.

This forum for therapy is also for anyone who prefers to not have one more meeting, appointment, or activity that takes them away from the comfort of their own home.

If you are interested in starting couples therapy, with an experienced and skilled couples therapist and prefer to do so from the privacy of your own home, contact us today.

Multiple research studies show that videoconferencing/teletherapy is just as effective as face to face sessions.

It is time for your relationship to thrive. Let’s Get Started.

Learn more about cultivating authentic intimacy by visiting the page for my Wild Belonging online course.