One on One Mentorship: How to Cultivate and Nourish a Soul-Led Life

Have you ever asked, or are currently asking, yourself these types of questions:

  • How can I live a life of purpose?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I create a life that feels more vibrant, authentic, creative, and joyful?
  • How can I let go of a life that feels automated, rigid, fear-dominated, urgent, and pressured?
  • How can I tap into my creativity and awaken my senses?
  • How can I connect to a life of deeper meaning when I have so many responsibilities?
  • How can I create a relationship with the erotic life force that flows through my senses, my creativity, my body, my sexual expression and is the core foundation of living a soul-led life?
  • How can I connect to my ancestral roots and cultivate a life guided by and grounded in ancestral traditions, practices, and rituals?

If you can relate to all of these questions or just a few of them, you may benefit from working with me in one-on-one mentorship sessions designed to help, guide, and support you to create a soul-led life.

The Erotic as a Pathway to Creating a Soul-led Life

It is through the Erotic that our soul radiates. Think of the soul as the essence of who you are beyond the physical and beyond the mind. This essence of you, your soul, is nourished by the erotic life force; the energy and source of life itself.

Erotic energy is a pure and transformative energy that, by nature, connects us to life, to creativity, to inspiration, to sensuality, sexuality, and to our truest nature.

When we are connected to the erotic creative life force, we also can be more discerning about the aspects of our life that are depleting, toxic, or no longer serve us.

The Erotic helps us to live a life in which our soul’s signature is expressed, radiates, and lingers everywhere we go.

It Flows Through:

  • Our daily and seasonal rhythms
  • The gifts we offer
  • The children or pets we raise
  • The things we write/build/plant
  • The meals we cook
  • The art we create
  • The way we listen
  • The way we share our vulnerability
  • The way we engage in our sensuality
  • The way we express our sexuality
  • The home we create
  • Both the mundane and the sacred aspects of our life
  • The relationships we nurture

My one-on-one mentorship sessions are for those who want to cultivate an intimate relationship between body/physical, heart/emotions, and soul/inner wisdom, and intuition.

The sessions are designed for those who want their life to be a reflection of their soul’s truest essence.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to connect to one’s purpose and to one’s core being. Technology, information overload, the fear of missing out, and competitive mindsets leave us more disconnected from our souls than ever before.

In this work, clients will learn how to cultivate a life that is centered around authenticity, clear and aligned intention, and creativity.

This is a combination of soul-centered psycho-therapy and mentorship, guidance, and inspiration.

You will learn how to access the wisdom of your soul through: your dreams, your desires/longings, your spoken and unspoken passions, your intuition, and your creative ideas.

You will learn how to access the erotic life force within you and within your life and relationship patterns, to clarify what you truly desire; to learn how to use your gifts in ways that express your uniqueness.

You will learn about your ancestral ways and make intentional decisions about how you want to integrate these into your life.

Part of this work will include: releasing toxic patterns, relationships, and trauma-informed responses that no longer serve you.

Instead of relying on patterns, relationships and ways of being that are not serving your best life, you will learn how to follow your heart, dreams, and creative erotic life force as you create the life you have been born for.

In essence, this work will help you crystalize your soul’s purpose and teach you how to live, and move through the world with more confidence, clarity, and intention.

As you engage in this process, you will flow through the days and nights, months and seasons of your life in such a way that reflects your ancestral roots, your erotic inspiration, your authentic and unique radiance.

Benefits of this Work Include:

  • Increased energy, motivation, and creativity.
  • More clarity around your pursuits (what to let go, and what to cultivate),
  • Clearer alignment with your soul’s longing.
  • Clearer boundaries and the ability to let go of patterns and relationships that do not serve you.
  • More satisfying relationships with yourself and with others.
  • Increased pleasure, sensual and erotic energy.
  • Clarity of your true purpose and the confidence that comes with this.
  • Abundance, joy, and liberation.

The mentorship sessions can be experienced in the following ways:

~ One-time session of 90 minutes for the fee of $275.

~ A seasonal package of 4 sessions held at the beginning of winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each session is 90 minutes and the cost for the package is $800.00.

Learn more about cultivating a soul-led life.

Email me or call now to schedule your soul-led life mentorship sessions and begin to live the life you were meant to live.