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Meditation Packages

I am pleased to offer some guided meditations to support your Wild Belonging journey.

These meditations are meant to help you strengthen, calm, energize, affirm, heal, empower, cleanse, or clarify.

They are varied in their focus and theme, but all of them are guided. This means they ask you to relax and be present while activating your imagination and mind’s eye in order to open the portals leading you to the wisdom of your heart and soul and intuition.

In order for the guided meditations to open these portals, it is essential that you prepare both your physical space and your psychic space. This looks different for everyone.

For the Physical Space Preparation:

De-clutter, organize, and clear an actual room or one small area of a room. Create a focal point or an altar that highlights any significant symbols or meaningful objects.

These symbols or objects will help you to be grounded, focused, and receptive. This can include things from nature, photos, crystals, candles, incense, or ancestor keepsakes.

For the Emotional/Psychic Space Preparation:

This is all about preparing your inner space. Try to carve out a time to meditate when you will not be disturbed by phones, family members, or “to-do” lists staring at you. As you clear your physical space and create a focal point for yourself ( and this can be as simple as one lit candle), clear your psychic space by inviting in any gods, or goddesses, angels, or ancestor/spirit guides that have meaning to you. Ask them to protect and bless the space and your meditation time. Ask them to guide you and teach you, open you, and help you to be receptive.

Take a few minutes to slow and deepen your breathing. Settle your mind and body by acknowledging this as a sacred time. Once you feel prepared, settled, and intentional, begin the meditation. Don’t feel discouraged if at first, you don’t recognize any impact or change. The more we meditate, the more positive change and impacts take root. In order to reap the most benefits of meditation, we must treat it as a life-long practice.

Some benefits are: lower blood pressure, the ability to manage emotions more effectively, an increase in self-awareness, an increased capacity to pause before acting or speaking, and increased capacity to be fully present to the moment, better sleep, more energy, and an increase in clarity and focus.

With these guided meditations, benefits also include the ability to manifest the deepest desires of your heart and soul. Remember though, in order to manifest these things, we must be an active participant in the process of manifesting by our willingness to do the work, make the effort, and shift out of old patterns in our thinking and behavior into new patterns.

The meditations are meant to be empowering and healing, but may not be right for everyone at all times. If a meditation doesn’t resonate with you the first time, you may want to go back at a later date, as your energy and receptivity changes.

It is my hope that these guided meditations will become for you a respite from the stressors and uncertainties of this world. A sanctuary. A place of growth, healing, and positive change. A place for you to come home to your Wild Belonging soul.

To access my Guided Meditations please visit my Sexual Well-Being and Care Meditations page.