Individual Therapy

Ryan Therapy Services. A place for individuals to discover, learn, renew. A place for individuals to heal, envision and transform.

Pain, loss, crises, or disappointments bring heartache and suffering. These difficult life experiences can also be our greatest teachers. These experiences can powerfully and richly transform our lives. It is during, or after, these kind of life experiences that many individuals want to understand themselves better and create positive change and new meaning in their lives. Ryan Therapy Services offers a place for individuals to do just this.

Our natural tendency, when experiencing difficult emotions or experiences is to avoid, numb or shut down as a way to protect ourselves from further heart-ache and pain. But it is only when we keep ourselves open that we are truly participating in life. It is only when we are open that we feel fully connected to ourselves and within our relationships.

Individual counseling at Ryan Therapy Services can help you identify emotional obstacles to living your best life. Often we look to things outside of ourselves to be the source of our happiness, peace and self worth. We rely on relationships, work, money (to name a few) to provide validation and comfort. When we do this, we become disconnected from our true nature and core self. We disconnect from our own internal sources of strength, wisdom, courage and truth (always available to us, but often hidden or not yet discovered). Individual counseling can help clients access these internal resources and learn how live from authenticity and self worthiness. It is possible to establish a strong sense of self and become more deeply engaged in a meaningful life.

Will you accept this invitation to live your best life?

Ryan Therapy Services Can Help You If:

  • You feel anxious, depressed, and unclear about your direction in life.
  • Your relationships feel unsatisfactory and you feel misunderstood, unappreciated or disrespected.
  • You are struggling to develop confidence within your self, within your body and within your relationships.
  • You are recovering from breast cancer and desire emotional support.
  • You recently ended a relationship, and want to dive deeply into understanding your part in that and how to create a healthy, thriving relationship in the future.
  • You often feel that your emotions are hard to manage and want to learn ways to respond more effectively.
  • You recently have experienced an illness, loss or major life event and have felt numb or unsure about how to integrate this experience into your life.

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