The Gift of a Soul-led Life Ryan Couples Therapy

The Gift of a Soul-led Life

I hope you will open yourself to the gift of a

It contains the wisdom, belonging, healing, and love you have been seeking.

Your soul’s signature is unique.

Your life is the canvas.

As humans, we have all shared in the story of this world as it has unfolded over the last few years. All of us have witnessed, experienced, and lived in a world of illness, violence, anger, fear, climate crises, and great disruption.

These experiences have left us feeling stress, grief, and deep uncertainty. They have left us questioning the meaning of life.

To make matters worse, we have long carried deeply ingrained wounds (intergenerational and ancestral) that dictate a resistance to and shaming of rest, moving slowly, times of silence and reflection, honoring the pain, and learning how to give voice to our wounds so that they can be laid to rest with reverence.

Inevitably, many of us are asking hard questions like:

  • Why am I here?
  • How can I live a life of purpose?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I create a life that feels more vibrant, authentic, creative & joyful?
  • How can I let go of a life that feels rigid, fear-dominated, urgent, & pressured?
  • How can I tap into my creativity?

If you can relate to all of this or just a small aspect of this, you may benefit from working with  me in learning how to Create a Soul-led Life.

The Erotic as a Pathway to Creating a Soul-led Life

It is through the Erotic, the source of life, that our soul radiates.

Erotic energy is a pure and transformative energy that, by nature, connects us to life, to creativity, to inspiration, to sensuality, sexuality, and to our truest nature.

The Erotic helps us to live a life in which our soul’s signature lingers everywhere we go…

  • In all we do on a daily basis
  • In the rhythm of our days
  • The gifts we offer
  • The children we raise
  • The things we write/build/ plant
  • The meals we cook
  • The home we inhabit
  • The relationships we nurture

Connecting to our Ancestors’ Wisdom

A soul-led life is one that is inspired by and aligned with our roots, our bloodlines, and our ancestral wisdom. A soul-led life requires us to explore, learn about and then cultivate ongoing, dynamic relationships with our ancestors.

When we do this, we are creating a life that reflects our origins and our deeply ingrained ways of experiencing life. As we connect to our ancestors, we integrate their ancient ways and practices into our daily rhythms with intention and with purpose. Their ways are reflected in our traditions, our celebrations, our gatherings, our healing practices, and grief rituals.

This also means we must work to repair the “wrongs” they did and the harm they caused. All humans, across all cultures, have made mistakes and caused harm. it is painful to look at how this unfolded in our ancestors’ lives. But when we do this work with loving compassion, we can create true reparative experiences, and all living beings on this earth benefit.

Why My Experience as a Psychotherapist/Sex Therapist Matters

I have personally committed to living a soul-led life. Even in my personal life, I draw on the skills, knowledge, and experience from my work as a soul-centered psycho-therapist and sex therapist.

My psychotherapy practice has taught me that compassion, presence and unconditional acceptance are the most valuable things we as humans can offer others. My work as a sex therapist brings in the powerful energy of the erotic, guiding clients to connect to their soul’s truth.

My work as a therapist has not only helped me understand the inner workings of the psyche and intimate relationships, but it has allowed me to witness the joy clients experience when they create an authentically meaningful life.

I feel that my life’s work as a therapist, my role as a mother, my role as an intimate partner, and all of my experiences throughout my life are key components in creating my own soul-led life.

Now, I am so excited to help YOU create a soul-led life! A life that is a rich, creative tapestry reflecting your soul’s signature. If all of this resonates with you, I encourage you to consider giving yourself this life-changing opportunity.

This work will blend together the energy of my personal desire in creating a soul-led life for myself with the energy I have poured into my professional practice and life.

If you are curious what your life would look like if your soul was leading the way, If you want to cultivate a deeper understanding of your soul’s expression, If you feel moved by the idea of leaving your soul’s signature upon this earth as a loving legacy for the generations to come, I encourage you to work with me.

Creating a Soul-led Life will be offered in two ways:

  • In one-on-one private psychotherapy sessions
  • In a course format in a community, group setting

This work is for you if:

  • You are interested in enriching and deepening your life’s purpose.
  • You want to connect to your soul and remember why you are here on this earth at this time.
  • You want to feel more in rhythm with the erotic hum of life.
  • You want your life to be a reflection of your artistic, creative, soul voice.
  • You if you feel depleted from the harshness of the world and crave something more than the unconsciousness of existence
  • You want to create a synchronistic flow of energy reflects your soul’s signature and your gifts
  • You know deep down in your gut that you want to feel alive, awakened, and aligned with Spirit, but just don’t know how to get there.
  • You if you want to let the language of feeling and sensation to be your stalwart guide and steadfast, most trusted companion as you navigate the challenges of life
  • You want to reconnect to your body, its messages, its desires, and its wisdom.
  • You want to integrate your ancestral wisdom into your life with integrity and purpose.

In this work, we will explore:

  • Your life story, your narratives, and the patterns that no longer serve you
  • The things you want to change or transform
  • The things you want to expand and nurture.
  • The messages of your body and of your emotions with reverence and curiosity
  • Ways for you to connect deeply to your soul’s innermost whisperings and desires and let that wisdom become your true north, guiding you home to yourself.
  • Ancestral beliefs, experiences, and traditions and mindfully bring those that have most meaning to you, into your life.

We will design daily and seasonal practices that reflect the life you long to live; the one that cherishes your dreams, your gifts, and uniqueness, your home and hearth, and your most precious relationships, including the one with yourself.

I believe that learning how to create a soul-led life is more of what we all need in a world of exhaustion, depletion, competition, hoarding of resources, and hopelessness.

In a world that tells us more is better; louder is stronger, youth is more relevant, we need to pause, breathe and return, remember and reclaim our soul’s truth.

I believe that a soul-led life is more of what we all need in a world that values and pushes and pulls us into empty, insubstantial measures of worth like how much money we make, how many social media followers we have accumulated, if we are able-bodied and/or thin enough, if we meet the standards of beauty set by patriarchal, heteronormative perspectives.

I believe the healing is in diving deeply into quiet spaces and allowing ourselves to listen to the messages that have been with us since before we were born.

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