Erotic Creativity and Liberation

Ryan Therapy Services defines Erotic Creativity as the following:

Erotic creativity is the energy that flows throughout all living, organic energy. It originates from and is made of the essence of all of life. It IS the Life Force.

Humans access it through the soul and through the heart. Not ego or mind.

It is the language of feeling, the language of inspiration, the language of birth and death and rebirth.

It thrives in the wilderness, in pleasure, in receptivity, and curiosity.

It comes to us through our dreams, in our desires, in our restlessness, and our deep contentment.

It encompasses sexual energy but is so much more. However, in order to feel sexual satisfaction and fulfillment, accessing the erotic is essential.

Ryan Therapy Services defines Erotic Liberation as the following:

Liberation from shame, fear, judgment, and the “not-enough-ness” that pervades our culture.

Liberation from the patriarchal systems, beliefs, and negative messages that limit creativity and diversity.

Liberation from the patriarchal systems, beliefs, and negative messages about beauty, attractiveness, and body objectification.

Cultivation of creativity for the sole purpose of creativity’s sake.

Cultivation of pleasure, sensuality, rest, and ease.

Cultivation of compassionate, radical acceptance of our physical bodies.

Cultivation and awakened embodied connection to our own, unique, divine spirits.

Honoring the vast inspiration from the earth and the cosmos.

Acceptance and celebration of our own unique sexual desires and how we express them.

Acceptance and celebration of the rhythms and cycles of our sexual desire.

Acceptance and celebration of our bodies just as they are NOW, with love, respect, and nonjudgment.

When we compassionately accept our physical body, our sexual desire, and our spirit, we begin to cultivate erotic liberation through:

  • The intentional use of breath.
  • The cultivation of pleasure.
  • The awareness and incorporation of sensuality.
  • Honoring our bodies as organic containers for our spirits and hearts.
  • Learning how to be fully present during our sexual experiences and allowing our experiences to teach us about our deepest longings as spiritual beings.
  • Accessing and recognizing the Erotic Energy of life, as the very essence and source of our creativity, our passion, and our feeling fully alive and vibrant.

In practicing erotic liberation we acknowledge that our bodies and our spirits have tremendous power to work in synchronicity, elevating our lived experience, bringing us into deep connection with ourselves and others, and increasing our capacity to live life from a fully awakened, sensually-empowered lens.

Our lives often distract us from reaching our fullest potential to love ourselves and others. Our capacity to love is often more powerful than we realize.

The practice of Erotic Creativity and Liberation is a practice that teaches us to cultivate and strengthen our tremendous capacity to love.

It awakens us to the divinity of our spirit and invites our spirit to be expressed through our physical body.

In this awakening, we leave the mundane roles we inhabit every day, and create moments of transcendence.

If you are interested in learning more about cultivating erotic creativity and liberation, I hope that you will reach out to me today.

I offer private therapy sessions, group sessions, and online courses that focus on helping clients cultivate erotic creativity and liberation.

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