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Earth-based Spirituality

“Earth, isn’t this what you want? To arise in us, invisible? Is it not your dream, to enter us so wholly there’s nothing left outside us to see? What, if not transformation, is your deepest purpose?” 
–Author unknown

Why an earth-based spiritual practice? And what does this truly mean?

An earth-based spiritual practice is one that syncs our breath with the Earth’s breath.

It is a life which embraces the natural rhythms, cycles, seasons, and energetic expressions of the earth and cosmos. This kind of connection, synchronicity and alignment brings guidance, inspiration, protection, purpose, and healing to our entire lives; our body, heart and soul, our desires and dreams, our relationships and decisions, our home and work, our entire way of moving throughout the world.

An earth-based spirituality is born of the Divine Feminine. 

So much of the earth and its energy is a reflection of the vibrant energy of the feminine spirit and the cyclical flow of this energy.

The moon, the seasons, the rhythms and cycles found in our days, all express this spirit and energy; planting/seeding, growth and birth, coming into fullness, radiating that fullness, moving into decline, rest and death. Only to begin all over again.

When we follow the rhythms of the earth and the cosmos, we, too, become in sync with the Divine Feminine. We feel inspired to leave behind the artificial guidelines that dictate our lives and our schedules, our activities, and our relationships. These guidelines have originated from industrialization, toxic patriarchy, white supremacist mindsets, and capitalistic greed.

As we align our entire being and life more and more with the earth, the cosmos, and the Divine Feminine Spirit, instead of working round the clock or during designated work hours imposed upon us by external forces, we move toward alignment and authenticity. We align our work, our creativity, our plans, and activities with the seasons, the moon cycles, the day’s rhythms.

In turn, the cycles of our body begin to flow with this natural rhythm. We spend more time honoring, listening to, and being responsive to our energy cycles, our sexual desire cycles, our need for rest, the rise and fall of our productivity and creativity. We begin to pay attention to our creative cycle; which includes times to be quiet and passive so that new ideas can take root and times to be activated and manifesting our creations.

Reach Out

If you are interested in learning more about an earth-based spirituality, I hope that you will reach out to me. This is something that can be focused on in private therapy sessions or also cultivated by taking my online courses, listening to my guided meditations, following me on Instagram (@ryancouplestherapy), and reading my blogs.