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How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Energy within

Divine feminine energy flows through all life.

It is expressed through nature’s cycles and the earth’s rhythms. It radiates throughout each phase of the moon, including the dark moon. It is the energy of creativity, of eroticism, of emotions, of all things that FLOW with grace and ego-less power.

It is found in the soft whisper of our intuition and those experiences when we “just know” the path to take or not take. It messages us through our dreams.

It is the energy that weaves together fragments, hurts, wounds into a tapestry made of healing attention and soothing embraces. It is the energy that understands that every human, animal, and plant/ tree, all living things, have value in an interdependent mosaic of the earth and cosmos.

It honors the ancient wisdom that teaches us how to live a life of meaning and purpose and the importance of being rooted to things that are eternal. It whispers to us daily to fully awaken to the present. It helps us to nurture a future of wholeness, equality, social justice, peace.

But so often and very sadly indeed, the Divine Feminine is buried so deep within us that we barely know SHE is there. We live lives that encourage us to disconnect from and dishonor this life energy.

And when we are disconnected from and dishonor the Divine Feminine, we wither. We feel restless. We pursue jobs, roles, activities, relationships, habits, routines and values that leave us feeling empty, lost, dissatisfied, and weary. We seek things to fill the void within us, but often they only make the chasm deeper, the emptiness darker.

How can we cultivate lives inspired by this sacred feminine energy when so much of our lives push us to disconnect from Her presence?

The first step is to honor our longing to return to, reclaim and rewild.


We must return again and again. The return is an essential and steadfast practice if we are to connect to the Divine Feminine. She lives in cycles. And so, we too must cycle back to her, to her guidance, inspiration and spirit over and over; returning throughout our lives.


We must honor our soul’s longing and in our returning, always reclaim our truth, our voice, our wisdom and our magic. We must reclaim our place in the interdependent web of life. Reclaim with confidence our gifts. Reclaim our true purpose and path.

This reclaiming will bring us back to the things that truly matter and leads us into alignment with the sacred feminine.


We must rewild our lives by opening to the cycles of the earth, the seasons, the moon, the tides. By listening to nature, by gathering around the fire to share our wisdom and pain, by learning from the animals and trees. By opening to and accepting a rhythm of flow. Flowing creativity, erotic energy, emotional awareness.

We also rewild when we refuse to accept a toxic mindset that wants us to remain silent, small, afraid, doubting. The practice of rewilding asks us to break ties with the things that are not aligned with our soul.

My life-long journey has been to return again and again to the divine feminine energy as the guiding force for my life. To reclaim my purpose and a life led by my soul’s light. To rewild by walking with my bare feet on the ground, stepping into the river, laying on the grass and letting the stars’ lights fill me with the cosmic presence.

The divine feminine spirit wants us to come home to a life of pure sustenance. It wants us to receive our nourishment by sourcing energy from the things that are eternal and authentic so that we can live a life of integration and wholeness. A life that aligns the cosmic wisdom with our dreams, our voice, our desires. One that nurtures our soul’s desires and holds us as gently and fiercely as a mother protects her child.

As a therapist who specializes in intimate relationships, I understand that the most important relationship we can ever have is with ourselves. This is why I am passionate about helping women create sacred practices made up of pure nourishment for their souls and help them to create lives guided by divine goddess energy and the sacred feminine power.

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