Hunter Clark,
Relationship and 
Purpose Coach

Hunter Clark – Ryan Couples Therapy Gig Harbor, WA


Coaching can be a beautiful gift you give yourself. It certainly is a viable and enriching option to therapy. It can be a complement to therapy or it can be added after therapy is over.

Coaching helps you to create goals for your life and relationship priorities.

Do you want some guidance and support, but are not interested in deep therapeutic and intrapsychic work?

Do you think you could benefit from having someone help you identify goals and help you stay committed to following through so that you can create the life you dream of?

Have you tried therapy or are currently in therapy,  but want more specific mentoring around life and relationship goals?

If you answered “YES” to all of the above…

  then you may be ready for Life and Relationship Coaching.

I am excited to announce that in addition to therapy services, Ryan Therapy Services is now offering


COACHING IS NOT THERAPY. While there is some overlap, coaching and therapy are different.

Therapy is focused on emotional, relational, and psychological healing. It focuses on treatments and interventions that help clients:

  • Address Mental Health Issues
  • Understand how the past influences the present and the future
  • Understand themselves in the broader contexts of family, culture, religion, race, ethnicity, and sexual & gender identity
  • Shift out of negative, stagnant thought processes and behavioral patterns
  • Heal from trauma  and toxic mindsets and relationships

Coaching is more focused on building an optimal, healthy, and positively strong future. It focuses on setting goals that will help clients create the future of their dreams.

Coaching can be a great introduction, complement, or “cherry-on-top” to the therapy experience.

Coaching through Ryan Therapy Services will be offered by Hunter Clark. I will let Hunter introduce himself to you in his own words:

Hunter’s Story

“As a lifelong natural romantic, it has felt like my life’s mission was to find my partner. After having experienced profound relationships, I decided to double down on my own self-awareness and inner work.

Now, my ultimate goal has become pursuing an intentional life that feels fulfilling with, or without, a romantic partner. Part of a fulfilling, intentional life for me involves helping others define their future and pursue it with conviction.

I am a relationship and purpose coach actively pursuing the ACC coaching credential. I’m currently receiving my coaching education through Lumia Coaching, an ICF-accredited coaching program.

As a relationship coach, my goal is to help you define what a fulfilling life/relationship will look like for you and to help you pursue that unapologetically.”

“I believe in choice over destiny and fulfillment over success.”

Working with me will include:

  • Clearly defining what you want within your current relationships
  • Identifying any roadblocks that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Coming up with an action plan to get you to your goals.

I like to make my sessions feel conversational, not clinical.

I will be happy to create space that allows you to be exactly where you are and support you as you move into the future you desire.”

If you are interested in thriving in your life and within your relationships, I encourage you to reach out today to schedule a coaching session with Hunter.


$125 for a 60-minute session


Visite my calendar link for availability and to schedule an appointment.

Contact: (253) 209-2365