Carlon Ryan

Carlon has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Lutheran University.

She works collaboratively with her clients to bring healing, empowerment and authentic fulfillment.

You can find her on Instagram @calistocollective
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Photo of Carlon Ryan – Ryan Therapy Services Tacoma, WA

Upon graduating in 2014 with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Carlon made the decision to stay home and raise her two young boys. During this time, she learned that while parenting can bring joy, gratification, and love, it also presents specific challenges for mothers such as: feelings of isolation, depression, low self-worth, and challenges within their intimate relationships and families.

Her own experiences fueled her passion and desire to help others during their transition into parenting.

MotherHood Circles:

Carlon’s real life challenges during her transitioning into motherhood have been her inspiration in creating Motherhood Circles. She knows first-hand that there are many aspects of becoming a mother, and in motherhood in general, that are not acknowledged, seen, discussed, or honored.

She also knows that while many women form close friendships and bonds with other mothers at this time, there are also women who do not experience this. Instead, they feel judged, excluded, or as if they do not measure up to other mothers’ standards. Adding to this distress is the ideal image of mothering that social media and cultural forces promote.

This ideal image of mothering simply does not exist.

In her Motherhood Circles, Carlon helps women to dismantle the myths of motherhood and break the barriers that lead mothers to feel not-enough, excluded, lonely, depressed, and isolated.

Carlon’s offering is an opportunity for women to come together and receive support, encouragement, wisdom, and connection during the initial post-postpartum period.

She is committed to creating loving, sister-hood communities for women who are united in the challenge of raising children and all that this requires of women on a deep intra-psychic level.

Her circles of support and healing offer women opportunities and experiences in which they can:

  • Strengthen their sense of self worth
  • Learn how to embrace radical self care
  • Allow love for themselves while giving love to their children and partners
  • Cultivate confidence
  • Find their inner divine goddess and connect with their most authentic self

With this growth, women can bring this authentic, empowered self to their children and partners so that it benefits the entire family.

Moon Circles:

Carlon considers our moon to hold great energy and power which continually influences every aspect of our lives.

Just as the moon and Mother Earth ( four seasons) go through cycles, every living being does as well.

In her Moon Circles, Carlon hopes to guide and teach others how to:

  • Use this energy with intention
  • Deepen their connection to their own inner knowing and wisdom
  • Discover and understand the cycles of their own bodies and emotions bringing more meaning and balance into their lives.
  • Provide a place for connection and support for those that wish to live with intention and become more in sync with the natural cycles of the universe.

Carlon’s hope in this offering is that if we can come together and do this as a collective, it will greatly impact our relationships and how we interact with society and the world in a more positive and enlightened way.

Carlon works collaboratively with her clients to bring healing, empowerment and authentic fulfillment. She considers cultural influences such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation, spirituality, and family, tribe and community traditions as forces that greatly determine each person’s development, personal narrative, and conscious and unconscious beliefs.

She strives to help clients explore how their personal experience interacts with various socio-cultural influences and the profound impact that this has had, and continues to have in their lives. She is intentional in how she helps others integrate these socio-cultural forces in the most auspicious and empowered way.

Carlon also guides people to view their challenges through a lens of spiritualism and mysticism incorporating respect for the natural world, the energy of Mother Earth, the universal energy and the energy of the cosmos.