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Body, Heart, and Mind Meditation

Here is the link to the guided meditation. I encourage you to first read through the description and the meditation transcript below prior to your practice.

Pre-Meditation Description and Preparation:

Please read through the following description and the meditation transcript below prior to your practice.

If you do not feel ready to connect with yourself through this meditation, please honor that.

Please respect your present capacity to engage in opening your body, heart and mind.

Our capacity for openness, receptivity, and mindfulness is cyclical and ever-changing, just like every other experience and energy in our lives.

If, in this moment, you do not feel resourced, prepared, or ready, please respect this and wait for a more auspicious time to engage in mindful awareness.

This meditation is a practice to help you cultivate, nourish, and connect with the Erotic Energy that is fl owing through you and surrounding you always.

To begin, let’s look more closely at Erotic Energy.

Erotic Energy Is:

  • Playfulness and Creativity
  • Breath and Sexuality
  • Pleasure and Desire
  • Sensuality and Belonging
  • Connection and Intuition
  • Intuition
  • Communion and Oneness
  • Healing and Transformation
  • Beauty
  • Liberation from shame, guilt, and oppression
  • Flirtatiousness
  • Flexibility and Spontaneity
  • Imagination
  • Awakening
  • Yin/Yang Energy
  • Mystery, the Sacred and the Unknown

Eroticism is a beautiful, intricate tapestry, weaving together, in unique patterns, the threads of our creativity and life experiences. It is an expression of our engagement with the world, with people, with nature, and with the life force itself.

It reflects how we see ourselves in relation to life and to the world.

It reflects and reveals our sexual energy, our desire, our longing, our playfulness. It fuels our arousal.

It resides in our intuition, in our felt sense of the world, in the authentic expression of who we are.

It is our awakened, sensual self and our sensuality. It inspires and enriches everything we touch; it is our ability to allow the world around us to inspire and enrich us in return.

Erotic Energy is the energy of Creation, the Life Force: birthing, bringing forth life, creativity, flow, aliveness, breath.

Creative erotic energy is transformative. Born of experience, both painful and joyful; asking for expression without judgment.

This energy requires us to pay attention, listen, respond, take risks, be vulnerable, express our truth, put into tangible form that which is intangible (desire, ideas, beauty, freedom, arousal, interpretation).

This energy is elusive and somewhat shy, meaning the energy will wither, get quiet, and hide around judgment, shame, rigidity, perfectionism.

This energy requires us to practice unconditional acceptance, compassionate mindfulness, and curiosity.

This energy requires us to come into balance between the masculine and feminine energies, the yin and yang, that reside within all of us.

Our Erotic energy informs and inspires our Creative Energy and our Creative Energy inspires and informs our Erotic energy.

When we fully connect to the power of this, we can infuse our sexual experiences with light, love, energy, transformation, and at times transcendence.

The practice of this meditation will help you to connect the energy centers of your body that hold erotic energy. As you learn how to attune to these energy centers and use your breath to connect them, you will awaken your erotic energy.

With practice and intention, you are more likely to have heightened, empowered, awakened, and transformative sexual experiences.

>> LINK to the Body, Heart, and Mind Meditation

Transcript of the Meditation:

Come into a comfortable position. Close your eyes.

Begin to slow and deepen your breathing. Pay gentle and loving attention to your inhale. Breathe in slowly and intentionally. Feel the nourishing life force energy that is carried on your breath.

Breathe out slowly and intentionally. Feel how your exhale is an expression of the life force energy; filling up the space all around you.

Breathe in the life force, the erotic energy. Feel how it nourishes and empowers your entire being.

Breathe out this energy and feel how it radiates outward from your being to nourish everything around you.

Let your body receive this energy, the energy of the erotic, with each breath.

Begin to focus on the area of your pelvic bowl, the area of your sacral chakra. This is directly below your navel. This area is associated with pleasure, sensuality, the creative, and our sexual energy.

Breathe into this area with intention, connect with the erotic life force of this area.

As you inhale, imagine the breath as a specific color of light. Choose a color that feels alive and vibrant.

Breathe in that light and imagine that it is energizing your entire pelvic bowl and sacral chakra.

Notice any sensations or emotions that surface. Notice and name them. Acknowledge them with compassion. Let the sensations flow in and out.

The Light carried on your breath is awakening your erotic, creative energy that resides here.

This light is filling your entire pelvic bowl; glowing, radiating, and birthing new energy, new confidence, new desire and arousal, new sensuality and pleasure.

As you exhale, imagine that the light is radiating out to the energy space around you. A reflection of your erotic radiance.

Let the exhale empty from your pelvic bowl and sacral chakra completely infusing the space around your body with aliveness, vibrancy, sensuality, and pleasure.

As you continue breathing in and out, picture the light flowing up to your heart space, infusing your heart space with erotic, alive energy.

Your heart space is the portal to the divine. Beyond thought and perception, your heart holds your deepest desires and truest longings.

Let the light fill this space and open the portal to the divine feminine radiance that is yours.

Breathe in and allow the light to open the erotic life force that resides here.

Receive the heart-space energy, the energy of the divine feminine that births and honors the erotic, the creative, the life force.

Let whatever emotions that surface rise and fall, come and go, like waves. Open fully to this experience and know that your sacral chakra and your heart space chakra are connected.

Now picture the breath carrying the light up to your 3rd eye chakra, the space in the middle of your forehead, and flowing up into your crown chakra, the seat of your higher consciousness.

Imagine that the light infuses your 3rd eye and crown chakra with empowered awareness, clear intention, and vibrant wisdom.

This empowered awareness and clear intention connects you to the depth of your desire, reveals what you want, and helps you to make decisions that allow your erotic energy to thrive; to be reflected in everything you do, how you move through the world, how you are in relationship with self and others. How you work and create. How you express your beautiful, radiant sexual energy.

Now imagine that this light carried on your breath continues to flow in a beautiful recursive loop: up from your sacral chakra, up to your heart space, and then up to your 3rd eye and crown. Then down from your crown and 3rd eye, down to your heart-space, down to your sacral chakra and pelvic bowl. Up and Down, flowing with ease and vibrancy.

Looping between the sacral chakra, the heart chakra and the 3rd eye and crown chakra.

Take a moment to feel how these energy centers are connected by breath and light.

Notice how this feels in your body, your emotions and your thoughts. Acknowledge whatever arises with compassion.

Continue to feel this breath and light and energy flowing throughout your entire being.

Say a prayer of gratitude for how this has opened you to your erotic energy. This is accessible to you any time.

Let’s begin to slowly transition back into the room so that you can return to your day.

Rub your hands together, wiggle your toes, stretch, and when you are ready open your eyes.

Post Meditation Suggestions:

If it feels good and relevant to you, please journal after this meditation. Write about what this meditation experience felt like. If you would like, you can briefly journal each time you practice this meditation and track the changes you may experience.

You can also journal after your sexual experiences in which you practiced mindful awareness and connecting to your erotic energy.

Making sure as you journal you do so with compassion and non-judgment.