On the Cusp

On the Cusp: Summer’s end, Autumn’s beginning.

We are on the cusp of summer’s end and autumn’s beginning. The time when the light changes, the air chills, and we are called to go inward, slow down, and light the fires that warm the soul. The time to show gratitude for the fecund richness of summer and all the blessings we have reaped, […]

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Sacred Sexuality – How Do We Create It_ _ Ryan Couples Therapy – Tacoma WA

Sacred Sexuality: How Do We Create It?

Sacred Sexuality… how do we create it? Access it? Cultivate it? In my last post, I introduced the idea of  Sacred Sexuality. Today I want to start the conversation about how we can create and access it so that it benefits our lives, our relationships (to self and others), our health, and our overall sense […]

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the moon's wisdom

The Moon’s Wisdom: Secrets of the Divine Feminine.

The moon’s wisdom holds the secrets of the Divine Feminine. The moon’s wisdom informs us how to live, die and be made anew. The moon’s wisdom teaches us how to be “reborn from our scars.” As I have been connecting more and more to the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess, I have […]

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Sacred Sexuality - The Union of Spirit and Body _ Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Sacred Sexuality: The Union of Spirit and Body

Sacred Sexuality is Healing. Empowering. Full of Wisdom. Sacred Sexuality awakens us to our true nature. Teaching us who we are, what our potential is, how to live in connection to the Divine Energies of the Feminine and the Masculine. Sacred Sexuality allows us to draw from the power of the very source of life […]

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Summer Solstice – The Light is Full – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA (1)

Summer Solstice: The Light is Full!

Let’s celebrate the fullness of the Light on this day of the  Summer Solstice! My Practice for 2019 My word for 2019 has been “Light”.  The Summer Solstice is the best day in our year to fully embrace the Light. I have been practicing all year how to step into my own light more.  I […]

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Goddess Gratitude – The Erotic Enchantress – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Goddess Gratitude: The Erotic Enchantress (What this Means for You)

Gratitude to the Goddess! This past week, I have been doing a happy dance sprinkled with lots and lots of gratitude and amazement for the Erotic Enchantress, who showed up in full regalia during the, “Invoke Your Erotic Enchantress,” workshop with Witch and Womb on June 2nd 2019! Much gratitude to the Goddess, Lilith, who has […]

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The Erotic Enchantress – In Love with the World – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

The Erotic Enchantress: In Love with the World

The Erotic Enchantress is in love with the world. All of life inspires her. All of life teaches her. All of life has value to her. All of life informs her comings and goings. On June 2, 2019, www.ryancouplestherapy.com and www.witchandwomb.com offered an intriguing, inspiring and informative course on the archetype of the Erotic Enchantress. […]

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The Erotic Energy of Life – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

The Erotic Energy of Life: True Connection

Erotic energy connects us to the energy of life. Are you ready to open up and give yourself to the energy of creating, of renewing, of loving? Are you ready to feel what it is like to be so open that you connect to the very energy of life? If so, you may be ready […]

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Happy Beltane – The Fire of New Life – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Happy Beltane: The Fire of New Life.

Happy Beltane! Beltane: means “Bright Fire”. It begins on the evening of April 30th, on the cusp of May Day. Traditionally, bonfires were lit on May Day Eve to symbolize the growing power of the sun and to cleanse us from the darkness of winter. It’s a time to mark Fullness; the fullness of spring, […]

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Return to the Divine Feminine – Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Homecoming: Return to the Divine Feminine

She has been speaking to me, asking me to come home… the Divine Feminine. The Divine Mother. Calling me back into her folds, into her warmth, and into her loving presence. Years ago, during a very dark time in my life, I found her. She healed the wounded places in my heart and soul. She […]

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