Winter’s Essential Beauty

Winter’s essential beauty is calling to us as we stand at the threshold of the Solstice. The Winter Solstice is upon us; the culmination of the dark and the promise of the burgeoning light. For me the Winter Solstice has always been inspiring. It has always been a time beckoning me to celebrate my introversion […]

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Reclaiming Our Heart’s Desires: A Path to Recovering from Purity Culture, Religious Trauma, and Sexual Shame

Reclaiming Our Heart’s Desires: A Path to Recovering from Purity Culture, Religious Trauma, and Sexual Shame Please join Sarahlynn Etta of Maitri Movement and me for a day-long retreat focused on healing from the toxic narratives, beliefs, and experiences of purity culture and sexual shame. This retreat offers a healing space to explore, acknowledge, and […]

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Creating Your Own Pleasure Model of Sexuality Ryan Couples Therapy Gig Harbor, WA

Creating Your Own Pleasure Model of Sexuality

Creating your own pleasure model of sexuality simple means approaching sex through a lens of pleasure and prioritizing the experience of pleasure as the main event. It also means that we de-emphasize goals, and move away from a “performance” perspective, and away from depending on orgasms or penis/vagina intercourse to bring us joy and pleasure. […]

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Dr. Mandi Murtaugh

Community of Healers Continued: Dr. Mandi Murtaugh, PT, DPT

Every sex therapist knows that having a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist in your community circle is key to providing quality care. I am lucky enough to have Dr. Mandi Murtaugh in my circle. Over the last few years,  I have encouraged many of my clients struggling with pelvic pain, especially pain with intercourse, to […]

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Cultivating Erotic Freedom: Healing from Purity Culture and Sexual Shame

Cultivating erotic freedom is potent medicine for all humans. It is the portal that opens us to our creative potential and unique gifts. For many of us, raised in Western culture, the idea of erotic freedom is elusive, confusing, and anxiety-provoking. We long to feel free and joyful in our body and our sexual expression, […]

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Hunter Clark – Ryan Couples Therapy Gig Harbor, WA

Coaching Services Now available!

Coaching services are now available at Ryan Therapy Services. Coaching is not therapy, but a whole different kind of help. It offers a context for people to clarify, identify and work toward reaching their goals. Coaching helps clients take action and move closer to creating the life or relationship they desire. Since I am a […]

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Saralynn Etta

Matri Movement: A Place of Healing, Sanctuary and Wellness

Maitri Movement, is a place of healing, sanctuary, and wellness. Founded and created by Saralynn Etta, a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga and pilates instructor, her offerings are a beautiful combination of movement, meditation, and bodywork for the community of Gig Harbor, as well as all of Pierce and Kitsap counties. Maitri Movement supports […]

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Kelly Nebres Pilates by Kelly

A Community of Healers: Pilates by Kelly

In my first post featuring community healers and practitioners, I want to introduce Kelly Nebres, owner and creator of  Pilates by Kelly. Kelly is one of those people, who after working with her, you feel stronger, more at peace, more calm and more hopeful. Her gentle, encouraging, and affirming presence is a balm for one’s […]

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Stepping Into the River's Flow Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Stepping Into the River’s Flow

So much of my life has been accepting of and ruled by binary thinking. Either this or that, black or white, light or dark, good or bad, straight or gay, female or male, young or old, healthy or unhealthy. I realized how much I have been harmed by this rigid way of thinking. How this […]

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Memories of being a young mother Ryan Couples Therapy Tacoma, WA

Memories of Being a Young Mother

Memories of being a young mother: I gather the flour, yeast, salt, and honey. I find the old recipe book my aunt gave me years ago when I was newly married. I haven’t made bread in years. I feel a deep uncertainty settle upon me. “It’s only making bread”, I tell myself. Why such doubt […]

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