Sex Therapy & Intimate Relationship Therapy

Helping humans heal pain, connect deeply and thrive in life and love


Painful experiences,
obstacles to intimacy, ineffective patterns


To yourself and to
others with authenticity and joy


In all aspects of your
life, honoring mind, body
and spirit

Intimate Relationship and Sex Therapy for the Gig Harbor, WA and Tacoma, WA metro area

Intimate Relationship Therapy

Nurture, enrich, and strengthen relational well-being.

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Learn how you and your partner can cultivate and sustain an intimate and vibrant sexual relationship.

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Individual counseling at Ryan Therapy Services can help you identify emotional obstacles to living your best life.

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Are you and your partner ready to renew, heal, and transform
your relationship? To create the relationship you desire?

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Ryan Therapy Services — Intimate Relationship and Sex Therapy

My specialized training in Intimate Relationship and Sex Therapy allows me to help clients create vibrant, intimate relationships based on a solid foundation of love, trust, mutual support, understanding, and interdependence. I work with those in long-term monogamous relationships and with those in consensual non-monogamous relationships. I work with straight and queer people.

I provide a therapeutic, supportive atmosphere so that clients can face the most vulnerable parts of themselves. I help clients strengthen their emotional capacity so they can explore their true essence and become fully engaged in vibrant, thriving relationships. I provide an atmosphere of respect and compassion to support clients as they risk moving out of their comfort zone and let go of coping strategies which no longer serve them.

Ryan Therapy Services can help you whether you are looking for Individual Therapy or Intimate Relationship Therapy or Sex Therapy.

For help in your significant, intimate relationship, please go to my Intimate Relationship Therapy page.

For help with sexual issues please go to my Sex Therapy page.

For deep personalized, individual work, proceed to my Individual Therapy page.

What Clients Have to Say

I think the structure of our sessions make me feel valuable. It’s the conversation and not the “what I am hearing you say…” approach. You allow me to share what is happening in my life, how I am feeling and thinking and from there we zero in on important things and then explore what those “things” mean, where they may come from and how I can better address them.

–Client, Ryan Couples Therapy

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